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Zippered Box Pouch Easy Sewing Project – No Raw Edges

Zippered Box Pouch Easy Sewing Project – No Raw Edges



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Hi friends! For today’s tutorial we are revisiting the zippered box pouch, but this time with now raw edges. My popular box pouch from several years ago has helped so many people make box pouches and I’m so happy about that!

Full written pattern with various size options at the bottom of this post.

The original is a great tutorial, but many followers didn’t like the fact that it has exposed seams or raw edges inside.

So even though they are finished seams and won’t fray, many of you have asked for a more polished version. I played around with different construction methods because I wanted to make this easy to follow.

Looking for a good sewing machine? Check out my best sewing machine for beginners post to read about my favorites.

Some of the methods are tricky and I didn’t want to put something out there that would frustrate my newer sewers… so I tested several options out and added my own touches to create this tutorial. I hope you guys like it!

I’ve also got a fun clear vinyl pouch that is an adorable project!

Yield: 1 pouch medium pouch Zippered Box Pouch Sewing Tutorial – No Raw Edges – 3 sizes! Print This zippered box pouch pattern comes with 3 sizes! This pouch is a great for new and advanced sewers alike that are a little bit familiar with a zipper. See “notes” section for size variations. Prep Time 20 minutes Active Time 1 hour Total Time 1 hour 20 minutes Materials (2) Pieces of outer fabric 11 inches by 8 inches

(2) Pieces of lining fabric 11 inches by 8 inches

(2) Pieces of fusible fleece cut to 11 inches x 8 inches

(1) Piece of lining fabric 2.5 inches x 8 inches

14 inch zipper

Coordinating thread Tools Fabric scissors

Clover Clips or pins

Marking tool

Iron and Ironing Board

Sewing Machine with standard and zipper foot

Small ruler or measuring tape

Purple thang or stiletto (optional) Instructions Cut all pieces to size specified. Fuse the fleece to the wrong side of the outer fabric according to the manufacturer instructions. While you are standing at the ironing board, press the pull tab piece. Fold in half, wrong sides together to make a crease. Then fold each edge in toward the middle and press. Fold in half to make your tabs. Pin if needed and set aside. Place the zipper teeth side down on the right side of the outer fabric. Then place the lining fabric on top of that with right sides together and the outer, zipper and lining all lined up on the 11 inch side and clip in place. Using measuring tape or ruler, measure .5 inches in from the edge of each side of the fabric and create a mark. Take your piece to the sewing machine and with your zipper foot, sew the outer layer, zipper and lining fabric. You will start and stop on those marks and back stitch when sewing the zipper into place. Open up the fabric and inspect the zipper to make sure everything is sewn well. Put the wrong sides of the fabric together and place the zipper teeth down on the other outer fabric and then the lining on top of that in the same manner. Make the .5 inch mark just like before and sew the zipper the same way. Open up the pouch and press the bag at the ironing board. Mark .5 inch from the edge just like before, but this time on the outer fabric. You will start and stop your top stitch there. Switch to a regular sewing foot and top stitch with coordinating thread starting and stopping at the half inch mark. While you are at the sewing machine with the coordinating thread, sew down the long side of the pull tab piece close to the edge. Open up the bag and place right sides together of the outer fabric. Sew along the bottom 11 inch edge with a 1/2 inch seam allowance. Place the right sides together of the lining fabric. Sew with a 1/2 inch seam allowance along the bottom except make sure there is a 3-4 inch opening with back stitches. At the ironing board, press the outer fabric and lining fabric seams open. Line them up on top of each other. Cut long pull tab piece in half. Pin lining back out of the way and make some marks along the edge of the outer bag 3/8 inch from the edge. Do this on the side of the bag with the zipper stop first, not the pull tab. Fold the zipper tab in half and place inside the outer fabric lining up the raw edges and clipping or pinning into place in line with the zipper. Sew along the outer fabric edge along those 3/8 inch marks and sewing carefully several times over the zipper. Make sure the lining fabric is pulled back and out of the way. Repeat on the other side, but open up the zipper halfway and clip the split zipper ends really well. Cut zipper ends even with bag with non fabric scissors. Pin the outer fabric out of the way and make marks along the lining that measure 1/4 inch from the edge. Sew along these marks and over the zipper with the outer fabric out of the way. On the corners of the outer fabric and lining, make marks 1 3/4 from the seam line and from the fold. Cut along the marks and pinch fabric together to make a straight line. Sew and back stitch with a 3/8 seam allowance to secure. Flip bag right side out and use fingers to straighten out corners. Make sure everything looks good and it doesn’t need any fixes. Sew the lining closed and place inside bag. Notes Size small measurements: (2) Outer Pieces 8 x 5 (2) Lining Pieces 8 x 5 (2) Fusible Fleece Pieces 8 x 5 9 inch zipper Zipper Pull tab 2.5 x 7 Box out: 3/4 inch Finished size measures 5 wide x 2.5 deep x 2 1/4 tall Medium size included in pattern above. Finished size measures 7 wide x 4 deep x 3.5 tall *This size is great for maximizing fat quarters. Large size measurements: (2) Outer Pieces 14 x 11 (2) Lining Pieces 14 x 11 (2) Fusible Fleece Pieces 14 x 11 14 inch zipper Zipper Pull tab 2.5 x 7 Box out: 2 1/4 inch Finished size measures 9 wide x 6 deep x 4.5 tall Recommended Products As an Amazon Associate and member of other affiliate programs, I earn from qualifying purchases. CLOVER Water Soluble Blue Marking Pen with Eraser

Fusible Fleece by Pellon

CLOVER Wonder Clips

The Original Orange Handled Scissors

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Oliso Pro Smart Iron Did you make this project? Please leave a comment on the blog or share a photo on Instagram

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Learn how to sew this zippered box pouch with no raw edges! Melanie Ham makes it easy to follow along with this easy sewing project!




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