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Vertical Vegetable Garden – Manufacturing Tips And Vertical Planting

Vertical Vegetable Garden – Manufacturing Tips And Vertical Planting



Green walls are widely appreciated, as a wonderful alternative to classic gardening where space is for a reason insufficient. We have already examined several ideas on vertical gardens and even on “greening” or the green facade. But when the products from your vertical plantation are edible, it’s even better! From now on, there is no longer a need for a one-hectare garden to grow several vegetables and aromatic herbs because the vertical vegetable garden is in the spotlight. Find out how to do it and what to plant in the following paragraphs!

Vertical Vegetable Garden In Pockets Hanging From The Garden Fence

The major advantage of a vertical vegetable patch is also its most apparent feature. Like the plants that grow there grow vertically, it doesn’t take up as much space as a conventional garden. In this regard, you can do it on the balcony, in the small backyard or in front of your house!

Vertical Vegetable Garden In Plastic Bottles Mounted Upside Down

In general, a vertical vegetable garden can be produced in all kinds of containers. Even from recycled materials, such as wooden pallets, bottles, plastic pipes, etc. This allows you not only to enjoy a good harvest but also to save money. Build the enclosed garden yourself.

A Mini Green Wall Of Leafy Vegetables, Tomatoes, Condiments And Flowers In Contemporary Cuisine

To finish singing the more or less obvious praises of a vertical vegetable patch, we will only cite its undeniable aesthetics and the freshness that a wall of greenery brings you. You can, for example, kill two birds with a stone and decorate the garden fence, while enjoying the yield.

Vertical Hydroponic Vegetable Garden With Several Varieties Of Green Salads

In the following paragraphs, we will examine the basic principles of the vertical vegetable garden. The different variants of materials and designs for its construction and the right plants to grow, depending on the orientation of your balcony or garden.

Always Choose Plants That Do Not Require A Great Depth

However, what can be considered in effect for any vertical vegetable garden is the choice of plants that do not require a significant depth or a great distance between species, since the vertical garden apparently cannot ensure one or the other.

Vertical Bamboo Vegetable Garden, Planted With Green Peppers And Tomatoes

The most important factor when choosing plants and varieties is the orientation of where the vertical vegetable patch will be installed. Of course, a garden in full sun could not accommodate the same plant species as a shade garden, vertical or not.

Grow Root Vegetables On The Balcony, As Long As It Is Sheltered From The Wind

And if there are always a few choices in the garden, the balcony does not offer much leeway. These and other factors will determine the right plants for your own vertical garden.

Ideas For Making A Vegetable Garden With Vertical Shade

The shaded location is among the least advantageous since a vegetable garden must receive at least 4-5 hours of sun per day to be successful. However, there are options suitable even for this unpleasant situation.

Lettuce Has Shallow Roots, Making It Perfect For Vertical Gardens

The plants to choose are logically tolerant species of scant natural light, but also those which prefer cooler and moist soil because the less sun receives the soil, the less the evaporation of water will be important.

The Vertical Vegetable Garden Of Leafy Vegetables And Aromatic Plants, Made From Wooden Pallets

Watercress (Nasturtium officinale) is a good vegetable for the shade garden, but leafy vegetables such as sorrel (Rumex) and salads can also do well in the shade garden.

Root Vegetables, Leafy Vegetables And Flowering Plants In The Shaded Vertical Garden

Root vegetables like beets and turnips can also tolerate these conditions, although they are probably smaller than their older brothers growing in sunny locations.

Did You Know?

Aromatic herbs are also part of the vegetable garden, as they also play a role in cooking. Most aromatic plants are condiments, they cannot be denied a place in the vertical vegetable patch. Their representatives include mint, Thai basil, lemon balm and viola (used in confectionery, pastry, and cooking).

Vertical Vegetable Garden With Partial Exposure To Shade

Lettuces are a good choice of leafy vegetables for the vertical garden in partial shade, provided it is sheltered from strong winds. Lettuce has shallow roots, making it perfect for vertical gardens.

Smart Mini Vegetable Garden With Gravity Irrigation System (Inclined Flower Beds)

Arugula, so delicious and very trendy in a healthy diet, is also a good choice that will thrive in partial shade, as well as beets and radishes as representatives of root vegetables. However, these require at least 20-30 cm of root depth to develop well.

Ideas For Vertically Planted Vegetables, Fruits, And Aromatic Plants

When it comes to aromatic plants, used as condiments, chives (Allium schoenoprasum), basil and parsley are among the most suitable options for vertical vegetable gardens in partial shade. And the most delicious at the same time!

Sunny Vertical Vegetable Garden With Integrated Irrigation System

Like the shade garden, a vertical vegetable garden in full sun is far from ideal, because the soil dries very quickly. In this context, vertical planting of fast-growing plants with low growth which will create shade and therefore more freshness for the other species is a good strategy.

Tomatoes Love Gardens In Full Sun

Among the plants that love the sun, we can cite cherry tomatoes, as typical representatives. In fact, the more sunshine the tomatoes receive per day, the faster they ripen and the more delicious they become.

Vertical Vegetable Garden In Pockets Planted With Tomatoes

Other options are arugula, sage, thyme (Thymus serpyllum), Swiss chard (also called Swiss chard and perry), Malabar spinach (Basella alba), Aloe vera (or Barbados aloe) ) and purslane or purslane in porcelain (Portulaca oleracea).

Vertical Planting Of Strawberries In Raised Beds Of Pyramidal Shape

Besides the vegetables mentioned above, there is a herb that has become a symbol of vertical planting, namely the strawberry. Strawberries are among the easiest plants to grow above ground and that is why they are just included in our list of plants for the vertical garden.

An Idea On The Large Vertical Vegetable Garden For Leafy Vegetables And Strawberries 2 in 1

But you don’t have to choose between a vegetable patch and a vertical fruit crop. You can grow strawberries right next to the leafy greens, as long as the plants and their varieties require the same conditions.

Vertical Vegetable Garden In Plastic Containers Of Root Vegetables And Aromatic Herbs

As is the case illustrated by the vertical garden in plastic containers superimposed on the photo below. You have root vegetables on one side and an abundance of condiments on the other.

AMini Vertical Garden Of Salads And Red And Green Pansies

No even need to separate them. Please plant the different types of green and red salads together and decorate them with a pretty band of pansies, for example. At the same time, you have a useful and super aesthetic mini vertical garden.

A Vertical Garden Of Tomatoes And Beets In Full Sun

Without forgetting to mention that watching hanging fruits and vegetables grow and ripen is a real pleasure that dedicated gardeners can easily identify with. Especially when it comes to 2 or more fruits in incompatible colors, combined.

Squash And Tomatoes Transformed Into Climbing Plants To Save Space

In addition, several vegetables and fruits that normally grow on the ground can be adapted to become climbing plants and thus create a vertical vegetable patch. The trellises and the guards are faithful helpers in this task.

Vertical Vegetable Garden In Plastic Bottles Of Leafy Vegetables And Cucumbers

Zucchini, for example, needs a good distance between plants to grow well. Cucumbers and pickles, however, are herbaceous and creeping vegetable plants that can be grown well vertically.

Melon Growing On A Wire Mesh

Maybe you already know that cucumbers and pickles are the same species. Did you know that they share the same family with melon? Yes, you read correctly and the latter can also be adapted to vertical planting, but only to the presence of massive stakes from the base of the stem.

Contemporary Design Vertical Vegetable Garden With Wire Mesh With Openings For Plants

But whatever plant you choose for your vertical vegetable garden. You now know what to pay attention to when selecting varieties. Good luck and aspire to the harvest of vegetables and aromatic plants to taste and taste in the culinary arts!

Original Hanging Vegetable Garden To Hang On The Garden Or Balcony

Vertical Vegetable Garden In A Wooden Pallet For The Backyard Balcony Or Terrace

There is no longer a need for a one-hectare garden to grow several vegetables and aromatic herbs because the vertical vegetable garden is in the spotlight.




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