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Vertical Garden

Vertical Gardening for Big or Small Spaces

Vertical Gardening for Big or Small Spaces



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Whether you live in the tiniest studio apartment or the largest homestead or somewhere in between, vertical gardening may just be the answer for you to grow more of your own food, even in your limited space!

If you’re really in a bind this year with a small yard or balcony for space to grow your own food, going vertical can help you grow more in a limited space. Take a look at these examples to see what might work for your space.

And important thing to remember…container gardening requires more care – containers can dry out quickly. They can also hold moisture if not properly drained, which also leads to mosquitoes!

Vertical Gardening Ideas

Take a look at the Derveas Family Urban Homestead. This is a prime example of being able to feed a family on just 1/4 acre of land…due to a lot of vertical gardening.

If you need more inspiration, check out these ideas I found on Pinterest:

Gutter gardening is an AWESOME way to build grow extra food in space you didn’t think you had – UP! The above link shows you how easy it is to build a gutter-ready shelf, but what about using your fence line?

Why allow plants to vine along the ground when you can take them upwards? While this image is for a tomato cage, think about doing your green beans this way, or other vining plants that can be trained to go upwards instead of using up valuable ground footage.

Here is another way to go vertical. Fence posts connected by metal rods and flower pots hung with hoots. in the pots can be herbs of all kinds. And the cool thing is this forms a ‘privacy fence’ of sorts for the homeowner.

Even if you have only the tiniest patio space for your apartment or townhome, you CAN garden!

And talking about going up with your gardening + repurposing! How about using a trampoline frame as an arbor!

This post would be amiss without at least one wooden pallet project!


Vertical Gardening Tips:


Realize that with smaller containers or containers that don’t hold much growing medium, you’ll need to make a bigger effort to water and amend more often, especially if in a sunny or hot location. On the same note, make sure that the container you uses drains well, or you will drown all of your efforts.


Make sure you are planting the right sized crop for the location or container you have picked out. Something too big will overwhelm.


Pick the right kind of support needed for the crop you intend on growing vertically. Don’t use the shoe holder method on a crop that is heavy. Make sure the twine you are using to grow vine crops on can actually support the weight and won’t rot midway through the season.


Make sure you pick the right location for your containers. We’d like to use every nook and cranny for our garden, but if the environment isn’t good for the crop (not enough sun, sitting on a hot concrete pad, etc.), your crop is doomed before you begin.


While there are some pretty fantastic ideas on small container gardening, be realistic about what you can actually accomplish and be sure to pick a method that will give you the best results for the time put forth.

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Like many Americans, you might have clotheslines in your backyard that is surrounded by dead space. Try this to make use of the space around the posts to increase your crop yield.

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If you have link fencing, here is a great way to make use of it. Or grab a panel from a recycle yard and lay this up against your wood fencing to use space that’s wasted for more crops.

Take advantage of the wire available at your local hardware store. You can grow a potato tower that everyone is familiar with, or use it to grow vining crops, inside and out! Or, try using it as an arbor across a patio or gate entrance, or between two raised beds.

Take advantage of a wasted space to grow a small footprint crop!

A pyramid tower good for strawberries or herbs. DIY plans available clicking the photo.

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If you are not sure that you have the space to do traditional gardening, take your thinking up! GO VERTICAL! Here are some ideas for big and small spaces!




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