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Utensilos with a golden base for 125 years of BERNINA

Utensilos with a golden base for 125 years of BERNINA



Hello my dears,

Today I too can make my contribution to the golden BERNINA anniversary, 125 years of BERNINA.

Who does not know her? Who wasn’t it one of the first sewing products to be created? I’m talking about the utensils, easy and quick to sew and versatile in use – whether in the sewing area, in the household, in the children’s room, at the workplace …

Today I will show you two examples in which the utensilos appear in a new guise, with a golden base for the golden anniversary:

The two utensils have different dimensions, one is so large that you can stow wonderfully small pads and notes in it, the second a bit smaller so that a few pens can find their place in it. They are sewn in the same way, only differ in dimensions. Therefore, I’ll show you the large utensil in detail and only add the dimensions for the smaller one.

The bigger utensilo

You need:

golden artificial leather: 28cm x 23cm (incisions see below) plus a leftover piece for the label

Cotton fabric 2x 28cm x 8cm

Lining and fleece insert (here Soft & Stable): 28cm x 35cm

Place the three outer parts of the utensil in front of you with the right side of the fabric facing up. Then fold the narrow cotton strips right sides together on the synthetic leather (red brackets) …

… and sew them together. Then quilt them from the right close to the edge.

Marks the cutouts for the later state of the utensil on the left side of the artificial leather.

Cut this out and repeat on the other side.

Fold the outer part right inside out in the middle and close the two side seams (red brackets). Make sure that the transitions from synthetic leather to cotton fabric meet exactly. The top transport foot helps immensely.

Then fold the fabric in such a way that the seam that has just been closed lies in the middle of the cut-out edge. Closes this seam (red brackets).

This is what the outer part of the utensil looks like, you can see that without the fleece insert it is still very wobbly on its legs 🙂

Thanks to the OTF, the seams meet perfectly!

Since I don’t use a non-woven iron-on fleece, but a foam fleece, I sew the inner fabric of the utensil onto it.

Isew relatively narrow, straight lines, so the utensil gets a firm footing.

In order to better shape the 4 edges of the utensil, I sew 4 vertical seams exactly where the edges will later be. You determine this by inserting a needle. This is located both to the side and towards the top, each 1cm from the outer edge of the cut-out part, exactly where the lower corner point is afterwards when the seam allowance is sewn.

There are 4 points. I mark this with a trick marker and draw vertical lines to the top edge. Here are two of them. Sews exactly on the lines and locks the seam.

The inner utensil is sewn in the same way as the outer utensil, except that there is a turning opening in one side seam.

Sews the stand of the utensil in the same way.

When you have finished both parts of the utensil, put them right sides together and close the upper seam (colored brackets). Make sure that the side seams (purple clips) meet exactly.

Turn the utensil through the opening, close it by hand with the mattress stitch and stitch the upper edge.

If you want, you can sew on a small label from a leftover piece of artificial leather. Congratulations, your larger utensil with a golden base is ready!

The smaller utensilo

You need:

Artificial leather: 19cm x 18cm (incisions see below) plus a leftover piece for the label

Cotton fabric 2x 19cm x 8cm

Lining and fleece insert (here Soft & Stable): 19cm x 30cm

As already written above, the small utensil differs in that the dimensions are different. Here you can see the two rectangles that you have to cut out on the base. Everything else is sewn like the bigger one.

Congratulations, your smaller utensil with a golden base is ready!

My two utensils adorn my sewing corner and are beautiful and practical at the same time.

In May you will read from me again about BERNINA’s anniversary.

Golden greetings,


Utensilos with golden plinth for 125 years of BERNINA – wonderful organization aids with golden synthetic leather for the BERNINA anniversary



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