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Upcycled Egg DIY Fairy Garden Mushrooms Tutorial

Upcycled Egg DIY Fairy Garden Mushrooms Tutorial



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Grab some plastic eggs and see how to make these Upcycled Egg DIY Fairy Garden Mushrooms. They will bring your garden to life and add so much whimsy.

I love mushrooms so stinking much. Anything with mushrooms on it just screams cute, and these Upcycled Egg DIY Fairy Garden Mushrooms are no exception.

Making your own is easy and only requires 3 things. So what not give them a try? You can add them to your fairy gardens, regular gardens, you can even use them as garden markers. However you decide to use them, they are sure to look sweet.

Take a look at how to make these garden mushrooms for yourself, so you can fill your yard with mushroom-y goodness just like you see here.

Upcycled Egg DIY Fairy Garden Mushrooms

Wait until you see how easy this is, guys. The supplies you need for this activity you most likely already have around the house. If not, I will show you where to find them.

Supplies needed:

– assorted plastic eggs, any color or size (there are several to choose from on Amazon here)

– wood craft sticks or regular twigs from your yard (find them on Amazon for just a few bucks)

– hot glue, glue gun


1. Start by taking the eggs apart. You will only need one half for each mushroom you make.

2. You can either cut or break your stems to size. I just bent ours to break them so our mushrooms would be various sizes.

3. Add a generous dab of glue to the end of your wood stick. Be very generous.

4. Press the piece of wood to the inside of the egg. Hold it in place until it is secure.

Did you get that? Because that is all there is! Once the wood sticks are in place, you can start pressing the opposite end of the stick into your garden. You can add them to regular gardens, fairy gardens, or even stick them in house plants.

Even if the glue doesn’t hold the stick to the egg perfectly, you will find that the egg still balances nicely on the stick. The glue just gives some extra reinforcement which is nice.

Did I tell you we are putting these everywhere? With so many kinds of plastic eggs out there, just think about all of the different kinds of mushrooms you can make. Heck, you could even use real eggshells, you know, the dyed ones from your Easter eggs. There are no rules here.

These seem to be pretty durable outdoors, but do expect some wear and tear from heavy sun and rain. If you are worried, just use your Upcycled Egg DIY Fairy Garden Mushrooms in your houseplants. This way you can look at them all year long. Any complaints?

Are you feeling inspired yet? I sure hope so. Gather your supplies and give these simple Upcycled Egg DIY Fairy Garden Mushrooms a try. Once you do, you will want to put them everywhere too.

When you are done, keep scrolling to see the other fairy garden and mushroom inspired crafts I have been working on. What can I say, spring brings mushroom everything and I am here for it. I hope you will be, too! If you give this easy garden craft a try, be sure to check back and let me know!

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These Upcycled Egg DIY Fairy Garden Mushrooms can be made in just minutes and will bring your gardens to life in no time.



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