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Top 60 Best Paver Patio Ideas – Backyard Dreamscape Designs

Top 60 Best Paver Patio Ideas – Backyard Dreamscape Designs



Woe to the soul who confuses “paver” with “pavement!” This gorgeous–and gorgeously convenient–patio option is far from drab or industrial, and has earned its rightful place among elite landscaping materials.

Due to its endless array of available shapes and sizes, the precast concrete paver is one of the most popular choices in patio planning, resulting in the unforgettable backyard scene.

As beautiful as it is resistant, these top 60 best paver patio ideas prove that where style and strength meet there simply is no match. From earthy Rocky Mountain tones to warm multi-color Tuscan hues, along with edgy geometric schemes and curves suggestive of a manor retreat, the paver patio is the very foundation upon which you can finally lay your backyard dreamscape. Contemporary or decadently old-fashioned, there are no limitations where time and taste are concerned, and your paver patio marries the best of both elements in a manner as effortless as it is irresistible.

The season is now upon us where life is slowly moving outdoors. Intoxicating starlit nights and sultry summer days call for a space that beckons us and our chosen company with the promise of on-trend splendor and always-reliable comfort. Entertaining guests or relishing the stolen moment alone, you deserve a retreat that reflects all that you value and likewise endures the best and the worst of weather and wear.

The next time someone challenges the beauty and value of the paver façade, perhaps you should invite them over for a cocktail and told-you-so smile?

Best Paver Patio Ideas

This backyard entertaining area consists of many different types of patio pavers. The covered seating area is covered with stone tiles. The patio walkway near the outside bar consists of stone pavers. There are concrete touches throughout and the stone slab stairs tie everything together very nicely.

The bar and fireplace are constructed of the same brickwork as the covered porch columns and foundation. This gives the space a flowing, cohesive feel. Spaces like this require landscape architects and usually the town or city’s approval.

Incorporating your backyard patio pavers into your yard should be one of the goals in your design. This backyard patio area does an excellent job of creating a cascading effect that flows nicely right into the grass.

The brick pavers are laid in a semi-offset-boxed pattern, running diagonally from the house. The pavers bordering the grass are laid in a double-vertical style, making the long, elegant arches easier to achieve than other styles. The upper tier of the patio area follows the same arched theme, but the walls are topped with flat cap-stones that are cut to continue the curved walls.

Built-in seating is one of the benefits a patio can enjoy from stone pavers. Very often, you can use the same paver bricks that you used for the patio but if you prefer a different look, you can get creative and mix styles.

This stone-work patio is built with stone pavers in an offset-boxed basketweave pattern. The stone columns and fire pit are built with a simple running-bond pattern while the walls and benches use a more random, stacked style. The result is a beautiful patio and firepit area that will be a pleasure to entertain in.

Simple brick patterns make excellent, cheap paver patio ideas. This patio is a nice addition to a small backyard. This particular space enjoys a nicely-incorporated firepit for relaxing on chilly nights.

The patio brickwork is as traditional as it comes. The bricks are laid in a herringbone fashion for the main sitting area, while the border is a pencil-line inlay. The halfwall behind the firepit is built with stone bricks laid in a running bond fashion.

There’s not much better than sitting on the patio by the pool on a beautiful summer day. The sweeping curves and sharp angles of this patio and pool make an interesting layout for entertaining and lounging.

We want to draw special attention to the beautiful concrete pavers used for this pool area. The pavers are laid in a non-traditional pinwheel pattern, using a few different sizes to cover the walkway and seating area. Also, the inset firepit area with its slate-tile inlay is a nice touch against the concrete border.

Round patios can be a challenge to get right. The firepit and seating area are good examples of what can be done when the installer knows what they’re doing.

These brick pavers are installed in a circular pattern around a firepit and a basketweave inlay, before tying back into the rest of the patio alongside the house. The result is a nice seating area that separates a garden bed from a yard, perfect for relaxing around the fire.

Most landscape architects will tell you to avoid sharp and square corners, but we feel this backyard patio does a good job of making it work. The square edges and corners are complemented by curved garden beds that will help to soften them.

These concrete pavers vary in size, and the brick inlay breaks up the field of beige stone nicely. Use color and borders like this to break up large, uninterrupted areas of pavers with little color variation.

Outdoor fireplaces are great, but they’re even better when they double as brick pizza ovens. This backyard entertaining space consists of a relaxing seating area, a bar, and a built-in grill and refrigerator.

The fireplace looks great, with its stone-slab hearth and stacked stone design. The brick oven sits atop a matching stone slab and retains heat with an attractive set of wooden doors. The grill counter and bar top match the other slabs, tying the whole look in nicely and making the most of this small backyard.

Patio pavers laid in herringbone patterns look great in a variety of different backyard settings. This patio includes a large pergola over the sitting area and a built-in pizza oven. The herringbone pavers make up the majority of the field while across the patio there is a matching built-in grill area. The border meets the grass with a sweeping arch, keeping the transition from being too abrupt and rigid.

Sometimes simple is best. This backyard is a prime example of that thought. The running-bond style brick paver patio envelopes the firepit, giving this patio a classic and timeless design like cobblestone streets in a colonial city. The stone stairs cascade down into the patio area between banks of fieldstone. This is an excellent design for large backyards that are slightly sloped.

Best Paver Patio FAQs

What are the best pavers to use for a patio?

There are a number of styles of patio pavers and the best choice is largely up to you and your style. Concrete, stone, and brick pavers are all great options for creating an outdoor living and seating space.

How much does it cost to install a paver patio?

A large factor in the overall price to install a paver patio is the type of pavers selected. Costs can range anywhere from $4 a square foot to $11 or more. There’s more involved than just laying pavers on the ground. The soil has to be removed and a solid sand-base has to be put down and tamped flat before pavers can be installed. If you factor in design-knowledge, it’s easy to see how prices could increase quickly.

From contemporary patterns to decadently old-fashioned layouts, discover the top 60 best paver patio ideas. Explore backyard dreamscape designs.



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