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Top 60 Best Outdoor Kitchen Ideas – Chef Inspired Backyard Designs

Top 60 Best Outdoor Kitchen Ideas – Chef Inspired Backyard Designs



There’s nothing like the taste and sensation of feasting outdoors, and any camping and barbecue enthusiast will tell you that food prepared out in the open is twice as mouthwatering.

For those who need a little more than a cooking fire or grill, the outdoor kitchen is the perfect culinary companion.

Designed with all the conveniences of an interior kitchen, these outdoor kitchen ideas provides ample space to prepare meals and likewise entertain, with added shelter options to ensure against increment weather. With state-of-the-art plumbing, refrigeration, and full stove and oven utilities, the outdoor kitchen is a gourmand’s second home. Full scale dining amenities allow for optimal ambiance, with a multitude of possible seating and serving arrangements.

Rustic or refined, the outdoor kitchen is an extension of your home and culinary flair. Whether you prefer to cook under the open skies, swinging lanterns, or a bespoke canopy, you are master chef in your outdoor domain. From industrial surfaces to New England seafronts, there is no limit to the outdoor kitchen’s destination motif.

There are few joys in life that compare to cooking and nourishing one’s self and loved ones. An outdoor kitchen elevates that joy to the backyard and open sky, where you and your family can feast in natural luxury all year long.

Outdoor Kitchen Ideas

This outdoor kitchen has a bachelor vibe or it could be an outdoor entertainment area for corporate guests. Either way, it’s a quality design with tall shrubs for privacy. A great setting for intimate gatherings.

Swimming pool, kitchen, cool vibe, and beautiful environment, what more can you ask for? A lovely place to chill out on hot summer days enjoying a cold drink with family and friends.

Ocean blue gravel framing pearl white concrete slabs shaded by a dark wood pergola and luscious green, is paradise. What more do you need?

This is the type of outdoor kitchen where you hang-out every chance you get. A modular sofa makes the environment extra comfortable with a view to complete the experience.

A gable roof with recessed lighting is the highlight of this outdoor kitchen. Random laid stones and wicker furniture and fireplace says home in every way.

Beauty and practicality are what this beautifully designed outdoor kitchen is all about. Soft lighting, grey hued stones, and strong wood beams add an unusual warmth and amiability.

How Much Does it Cost to Build an Outdoor Kitchen?

First of all, you can spend as much as you want on your outdoor kitchen. If you have any DIY skills, you might want to put them to good use as well. Regardless of your situation and whether you have a tight budget or no budget at all, it’s better to have an idea of what you intend to spend on your new exterior kitchen. This will also give you more control over the outcome of your outdoor kitchen design.

For all intent and purposes, let’s assume that you’re on a budget and searching for the best price to get your new outdoor kitchen digs operational.

You should check your finances and determine how much you can spend compared to how much you want to spend. For example, if you want to go all out and install a top of the line, outdoor kitchen with state-of-the art appliances like a smart refrigerator, bar, two-sided grill, and other extravagant constructs, your outdoor kitchen will cost you at minimum $55,000. And that’s being modest.

If you have the funds for a high-end outdoor kitchen, great! However, most people don’t have that kind of extra cash lying around.

Do your research to get an idea of the price range of all the outdoor kitchen features you think you will need like lighting, hardware, seating, etc. Use this list when speaking with contractors. If you are informed before you make the rounds for a good contractor, you might be able to negotiate a better price.

It is crucial, when it comes to your budget, to find a balance between what you think you want and what you can actually afford.

Basic Outdoor Kitchen Component Basics and Their Potential Cost

1. Grill

There’s no outdoor kitchen without a grill and usually the entire outdoor kitchen is designed around this one feature. However, experts do agree that if you want to skimp on money, don’t do with the grill.

Distinct from other outdoor appliances, grill heads and parts frequently differ along with material quality and warranties. And seeing that the grill is usually the first outdoor kitchen feature you will purchase, check your options for the best your money can buy.

For example, maybe you prefer a stand alone grill equipped with a side burner, or perhaps you favor a grill built into your outside kitchen’s framework. After considering basic features, a grill will cost you anywhere from $200 for a more primitive model to $15,000 for a high-end model.

2. Appliances

As far as appliances are concerned, a fridge would be a cool convenience to have outside; however, it’s not necessary. OK, it might be easier than having to go back-and-forth into the house to fetch food and drinks. And it’s especially annoying if you forget things and have to go back inside, or someone has a special request that can only be found, you guessed it, in the fridge. But, such is life. You can expect to spend anywhere from $400 to $1000 for a decent outdoor fridge.

3. Framework

An outdoor kitchen requires some type of framework to fit into. You can purchase a ready-made model for roughly $200 to $400 per linear foot. Or, you can go the custom made route and pay approximately $400 to $600 per linear foot.

The framework finish can be derived from a variety of materials including manufactured stone, poured concrete, stucco, granite, or natural stone. Prices per square foot will widely differ. For instance stucco will cost $5 per square foot while poured concrete will set you back $135 per square foot.

4. Plumbing, Gas, and Electricity

Your outdoor kitchen will require a proper substructure to get things working. For instance, electrical appliances will need electricity and an outdoor sink will require access to water and a hook-up to a sewer system. The expenditures can get expensive, so be sure when you request an estimate, everything you need is included in the costs.

5. Work Surfaces

Exterior work surfaces should be easy to keep clean, long-lasting, and aesthetically pleasing. There are a variety of materials to choose from like concrete, granite, and flagstone is available. According to the professionals, external work surfaces can run anywhere from $3,500 to $5,000.

6. Sinks

Though some may consider an outdoor sink a luxury, there’s really no way to work around not installing it unless you have a backyard mini-pool that will work as a substitute. A sink installation will cost around $300.

7. Material Choices

The materials you choose for your outdoor kitchen will have a huge impact on the costs. Not only that, your choice of material will determine how well your kitchen can withstand the climate and the return you can anticipate on your investment.

In addition, you might consider using materials comparable to your indoor kitchen. This may work as far attractiveness goes, but will be a disappointment in terms of practicality and durability. Take for example wood cabinets. They might look charming in an indoor kitchen, but as far as outside where they will be exposed to various elements like rain and sunlight, the idea doesn’t seem so practical after all. In fact, it’s not practical.

Are Their Any Outdoor Kitchen Features You Shouldn’t Waste Your Money On?

Actually, yes, there are quite a few. First off, forget about an outdoor dishwasher and oven. They might be convenient but any dish washing can be performed inside the house. As far as keeping food warm, take advantage of the top-rack of your grill and use unconventional ways to grill large slabs of meat.

A custom designed pizza oven may be great as a highlight, but they’re not easy to use and keeping them clean is a hassle. You can purchase a good quality worktop model for more than half the price of an installed one. Stone worktops and floors have aesthetic appeal, but tile is more versatile and cost less.

The Splurge

These are a few of the key components that will get your outdoor kitchen up and running along with their estimated cost. But, keep in mind that there will be extra cost for various features like lighting, roofing structure, building permits, and so on.

What’s more, unless finances are not an issue, you will have to make concessions here-and-there. The only place where it is suggested that you should never compromise, and it was emphasized before, is the grill. You need a state-of-the-art grill which doesn’t necessarily mean the latest features or the largest. You simply need a good quality grill that will do what you need it to do and one that will last.

The second feature that you might want to splurge a little on is the sink. A fridge, not so much. However, if you had to make a choice between the fridge and the sink, get the sink. You can always fill it with crushed ice and use it to keep drinks cold.

Additional Things to Consider

We’ve gone through the basics, but want about other features like flooring, seating, entertainment, insect repellents, fire pits for cool days and nights, foliage, bar, and protection from the elements? This things should be discussed with your contractor since where and how they will be placed will depend on your outdoor kitchen’s basic construction.

Discover the perfect companion to any culinary enthusiast with the top 60 best outdoor kitchen ideas. Explore cool chef inspired backyard designs.



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