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Top 60 Best Fire Pit Ideas – Heated Backyard Retreat Designs

Top 60 Best Fire Pit Ideas – Heated Backyard Retreat Designs



Man along with his friends and family have gathered around the communal fire since time immemorial, and the tradition has not lost its appeal, even in our age of every conceivable convenience.

We may have left our ancestors in the past, but the modern joys of a crackling outdoor fire on a chilly winter night or under a starry summer sky are well worth implementing, and can be achieved in your own backyard no less.

A backyard fire pit welcomes your guests in a way that simply exceeds the standard home. Inlaid or above ground designs, accented with stone or Pacific wood, and complete with an irresistible seating arrangement, the outdoor fire pit promises comfort, safety, and the timeless pleasures of catching up with old friends or seeing a lover’s face aglow in the firelight. And because the fire pit is engineered and installed with safety as top priority, you can relax without the burden of performing potential double-duty as volunteer firefighter.

We live in chaotic and uncertain times, but the outdoor fire pit stands apart from the madness, offering an elemental reassurance that even the most state-of-the-art technological advances fail to procure. You deserve to bask in the steadfast tranquility of man’s most triumphant discovery, and these fire pit ideas assure one that whatever the future holds, the hearth will always persevere and provide.

Fire Pit Ideas

A fire pit doesn’t have to cost you thousands of dollars to be fun and functional. This backyard fire pit is dug into the ground while being shored up on the sides with planters that double as retaining walls. The simple gravel surface is perfect for kicking back with friends over a few drinks. If you’d like to try to mimic the bench in the picture, try sourcing old railroad ties or landscape timbers. While you don’t need to use concrete footings, you do want to dig holes deep enough to keep this bench from tipping over.

On a patio this large, you’ll need to give people a reason to head to the far end. This brick fire pit and seating area can be the exact excuse people need to venture away from the house. To create a similar area in your backyard, head to your local landscaping supplier and look for blocks that will create gentle curves. Some exterior construction adhesive should keep the blocks in place and give people a comfortable area to relax in.

This fire pit reminds us more of a five-star resort than a backyard getaway. This seating area has been built into the pool, creating an ultra-relaxing space to enjoy some company on a summer night. The deep stone ledges are perfect for resting drinks and snacks while giving swimmers a place to dock and join in on the laughs.

This is a great budget-friendly alternative to traditional stone fire pits. The wrap-around decking provides plenty of space for friends and family to gather and make memories. The river rock gravel bed is the perfect place for kicking off flip flops and getting comfortable. Steel fire pits like this one can be purchased at most home improvement stores. Take a look at their selection and pick one that works for your backyard.

Fire pits aren’t reserved for backyards only. This rooftop setting is a great space for a gas fire pit and some chairs for sunset hangouts. Gas fire pits put off less radiant heat, which makes them ideal for a setting like this. While the flames are still hot, the pit itself won’t overheat and is less likely to cause damage to nearby materials. The added benefit of not having to lug firewood up to the roof space also adds some appeal.

Sinking a fire pit and seating area into your garden space can be an awesome idea for a small backyard. These stone benches are deep and spacious, so there’s plenty of room to get everyone gathered around. You don’t have to take out a line of credit to come up with a similar look in your backyard. Landscape timbers and blocks can be used in lieu of these stacked-stone walls.

Imagine gathering around this space on a cool night with the stars shining above. This rustic mountain backyard is the perfect setting for natural stone chimneys and fire pits. Teak wood chairs with comfortable cushions make the space extra inviting. This square fire pit will require some planning but still remains within the DIY-able realm. By learning how to accurately stretch string lines and studying the basics of stone and mortar, you should be able to come up with something that looks similar.

Mixing hardscape and landscape can be a great choice for a backyard fire pit. The stone walls and patio stones are perfect for sitting and lounging on, while the grass is a great place to throw a towel down and have a fireside picnic. These large bluestone slabs make excellent alternatives to basic pavers and give the space an English garden feel. Use this idea at the end of a large yard to give yourself a space to get away from it all.

On many construction projects, large fieldstones often have to be removed from the ground before any of the building can begin. The contractor then has to cart these stones away, bury them, or leave them for the homeowner to deal with. This backyard design makes good use of these boulders, using them not only to provide seating but also to define the fire pit and patio area from the rest of the yard.

For a modern and contemporary take on a backyard fire pit, you might consider wrapping an in-ground pit inside of a deck equipped with built-in seating. To keep this design safe, we suggest lining the interior of the fire pit with firebricks. They’ll help to keep the overall temperature down on the exterior of the fire pit. This will help to prevent your hard labor spent on building the deck from going up in smoke.

For a cheap fire pit idea, look no further than this design. The Adirondack chairs atop the gravel patio look right at home around this simple in-ground fire pit. While this is a simple, inexpensive design, there are some things you should think about first. Avoid building your fire pit on top of the gravel base. Gravel stones can expand when heated, cracking and sending chunks flying. Also, installing a metal fire ring below grade is a good way to keep things safe and stable during especially hot fires.

On the list of ways to take in a summer sunset, cozying up around a fire has to be ranked pretty high. This circular stone fire pit sits on the corner of this paver patio, half-wrapped by a beautiful matching stone bench while overlooking a lake. By adding a few chairs, the entire family can toast the sunset together. You don’t have to have an amazing view to make this fire pit idea work in your backyard. If you already have a large patio, consider building a similar design in one of the corners. It will frame the space nicely, provide extra seating, and create some warmth for everyone to gather around.

Natural stones can make excellent fire pit building materials. The stones in this fire pit area act as both retaining wall and fire pit material. Set nicely into the side of this ledge, the gravel seating area provides a good base for some chairs and end tables. The natural materials used lend a timeless feel to this backyard fire pit.

Some gravel, comfortable seating, and a gas fire pit are all that it takes to create an inviting and comfortable outdoor space for entertaining. Small backyard spaces like this one can benefit from the versatility and ease-of-use that come with gas fire pits. Gas fire pits come in all types of shapes, sizes, styles, and designs, so finding one the fits your backyard should be straightforward.

Asimple fire pit idea doesn’t mean it will be any less enjoyable than a more intricate or expensive design. This in-ground circular fire pit sits nicely inside the cobblestone patio. The bench and wood storage make outstanding additions to the relaxing setting. Use this idea, or one similar, in an unused corner of your yard. It tucks away nicely and the permanent seating makes it easy to landscape around without shuffling expensive lawn furniture about.

Fire Pit FAQs

What is the best base for a fire pit?

The best material to use for a base for your backyard fire pit is simply paver base. It can be poured in place by the bag and tamped down to become very hard and stable. It’s a more stable choice than sand, and far safer than gravel which can pop and send small pieces of rock flying.

Where should I put a fire pit in my yard?

There are a number of things to consider when planning the location for your backyard fire pit. For obvious reasons, you don’t want to build your fire pit under or near any trees and plantlife. You should also consider somewhere that has a natural windbreak if possible. It’s also wise to avoid installing a fire pit over underground utilities.

Gather around and soak up the warmth and comfort with the top 60 best fire pit ideas. Explore heated backyard retreat designs both inlaid and above ground.



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