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Tips to get the most GPU mining rig

There are people busy mining bitcoins nowadays. Serious investments are the best way to create miners tools in a professional manner the excavation opt for professional advice. Scanning although you can learn a lot on the forums, nothing can beat the advice of a professional. Although there is not to focus on building a rig in this book, will help you get the most from your PC. Also, you will be able to me cheap. Let’s go into details.

For the GPU right

First of all, the highly anticipated adventure and GPU so there are two brands. We recommend choosing AMD. Another option is to select a GPU by ATI or shapphire you need to do. There is another option called MSI, Gigabyte. Our advice is to have a Shapphire. Regarding our experienced, Shapphire the highest quality video cards. Ultimately, you can’t afford to spend thousands of dollars on a video card alone. It is better to spend a little more and opt for only the highest quality products.


If 280-290 graphics card if you have S you may want to choose the drivers. Download the latest drivers on the other hand, the last card that we recommend. Aside from the driver, also you can opt for GeForce the cold.


Although a lot of people for Linux, beats Windows they think it’s something we don’t. Miners are the highest quality made for the Windows operating system. In addition, Windows-based systems are easy to operate.

With regard to the miners, Claymore has a great reputation. Miner is a Windows-based selection-we strongly recommend that.

At least 5 GPU preference

There are a lot of expensive mining rig components. So, video cards, it’s not a good idea to make money. That fact doesn’t make any sense. Ideally, a minimum of two Cards is preferred.

In Windows 7, you can use more than 4 cards. However, if more than 4 if you download a special driver card you can use.

All 10 Windows can detect the GPU; however, the equipment consume a little more resources. The best option is Windows 7.

USB use the stairs

Amplifiers are devices that allow you to connect to your computer with the video card. Today, technology has allowed us to use the USB due to the efficiency and stability of amplifiers.

Cool the GPU

Very soon, kills electronic devices, you know. The same goes for graphics. If you use the right cards if it will work for you for years.

All you need to do the cards and remove the four screws on the GPU chip with some fresh dough. Here’s this. Heat transmission will improve. As a result, the GPU can keep cool in the coming years. This will make your GPU last longer expectations.

Edit virtual memory

Better edit the virtual memory of 16 GB and your computer sit.

So, there are several things you can do to make this more efficient mining equipment.


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