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Vertical Garden Wall

Tips to Decorate a Small Outdoor Space – Lifestyle

Tips to Decorate a Small Outdoor Space – Lifestyle



Shaynna Blaze shares her tips for creating an inviting outdoor area when space is tight.

With summer on the way it’s time to prepare outdoor spaces for alfresco living. If you don’t have the luxury of a lot of space, or only have a small balcony, don’t despair, as there are ways to inject some greenery into the smallest of spaces.

Wall planters

Create a feature wall with vertical wall planters. It’s a great use of wall space and won’t crowd your seating area. Provide contrast by using timber against a plain wall and then mix and match the pots and plants you feature on it. Choose plants with leaves that hang down over the side of the pot to help fill the space with lovely greenery. This is so easy to do it could be a simple weekend project.

Wall planters can also double as security or privacy screens while still allowing a lot of light through into the space.

Create real impact through repetition. Whether you cover a whole wall or just line the balcony fence, use the same pots and plants if you prefer a more ordered and consistent look. I know Charlie is the real expert on this so if you want more ideas on full vertical gardens he is the ‘go-to’ person on how to look after but I think they give a great visual aspect from inside the house as well, that it is too great to ignore when talking about interiors.

Wall hung ceramic pots

If you don’t have much room for lots of potted plants, hang some easy to care for plants in ceramic wall pots. It’s a creative way to display your plants in a decorative or abstract way while injecting some greenery into a space.

Colours of nature

If you really don’t have a green thumb and prefer not to have to care for plants, then choose a predominantly green colour scheme with pops of blue for your outdoor furniture. It will reflect the colours of nature and that’s the next best thing to being surrounded by it. There is always the option of including a couple of faux plants (let’s not call them fake!)

Minimal furniture

Especially on small balconies, you don’t want to take up all the room with solid pieces of furniture, so keep it simple and slimline. Small round steel powercoated tables and folding chairs are ideal as they are light and practically ‘transparent’. Then simply scatter potted plants here and there for a pop of greenery.

with orchids, instead?




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