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Tips and tricks for the small kitchen

Tips and tricks for the small kitchen



Recently we were talking about ideas on how to best design a small bathroom, and today we’re talking about small kitchens. Many people only have a small kitchen at their disposal and it can quickly look chaotic if the kitchen is not in perfect order. That is why we have tried to collect a few good ideas on how to make the most of the space in your kitchen and how to end up having as much work space as possible.

At the same time, the aesthetics should not be forgotten and we have also tried to incorporate a few nice decorating ideas so that you feel comfortable in the kitchen.

Use high ceilings

If you live in an old building and have high ceilings, you should use this space. You can build shelves up to the ceiling or let herbs hang from the ceiling:

Use narrow spaces

If you still have a small, narrow space between the cupboards and the wall, you don’t need to lose it. With a very narrow shelf with castors on the floor, you can pull the shelf out at will and let it disappear back into the recess.

Hide the washing machine

If you don’t have a choice and have to put your washing machine in a small kitchen, that doesn’t mean that you can’t take advantage of it. Here the washing machine is housed in a kitchen cabinet. By folding down the work surface, the washing machine is hidden and you gain work space. This is how you kill two birds with one stone 😉

Organization of closets

Another big problem in small kitchens is the organization of the cabinets. Often the cabinets are not used optimally and so you lose a lot of storage space. Here are a few examples of good closet organization:

Use the inside doors of the cupboards

Here the lids of pots are ideally attached to the cabinet doors:

With this construction you can easily stow cutting boards without them getting in the way:

Interior organization of the cabinets

If the height of the boards in your cupboards cannot be adjusted, it can happen that you lose a lot of space because the gaps between the shelves can be very large. These shelves can help:

Under the sink

Let’s be honest: the cabinet under the sink is mostly pure chaos, isn’t it? It can easily look like this:

Here is a 2nd version:

Magazine folder

Magazine folders are also great for use in the kitchen, for example by using them to store food:

Organization of herbs

Herbs are mostly needed a lot and often in the kitchen. Therefore, they should not be too far from the stove. However, these small bottles are often annoying in storage, as you quickly lose track of things if they are badly organized. But you can also attach them to the outside of a cupboard, so they are always at hand:

Or you can use the inside of the cabinet door for storage:

Foldable tables

If you still have a free wall in your kitchen, you can use it and attach a foldable table. So you can have small meals in the kitchen and at the same time have an additional work surface. And when you are done with your work, the table is simply folded away!

In this variant, there is even a cabinet hidden behind the table:

Use the walls

In small kitchens, many cupboards are often very overwhelming – you just have to be able to accommodate your belongings somehow. These grilles and so-called kitchen railings for the wall offer a good alternative to conventional cupboards. You can simply hang up cooking utensils there.

Wall grille

Here, the space behind the door is used excellently:

Kitchen railing:

Organization of the sink

If you don’t know where to put detergent, sponges and the like, you can also make do with a small shelf above the sink:

And which idea do you like best?

If you need tools to build yourself, you can always look at! 🙂



With these tips and tricks for the small kitchen you will gain space quickly and efficiently. Then cooking will be more fun again.




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