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Tinker gift box – instructions to stimulate creativity

Tinker gift box – instructions to stimulate creativity



Making gifts yourself is an exciting and creative task, there is no doubt about that. Including the personal in the gift ideas challenges creativity and can only be praised.

Giving presents itself is a communicative act that strengthens the close connection between friends and is best expressed on appropriate occasions. DIY gifts need adequate packaging, which you prefer to make yourself. For this reason, we have chosen the topic of “making a gift box” for today’s article and, in addition to many fantastic ideas and inspiration, we also offer practical instructions on how to make the right box or bag for your present yourself.

You can give presents for birthday, Christmas, communion, inauguration, but you can also present homemade presents for baptisms or weddings. Final exams or whatever else you want to celebrate can be made even more festive with a small gift from the heart. The value of a gift increases when the individual touch can be recognized in it.

There is nothing better than knowing someone so well that you have a wonderful idea of ​​their particular preferences and are therefore able to prepare a great surprise with guaranteed joy.

Make a gift box – simple templates

Depending on the occasion for which you want to give someone a present, you always need a suitable box or bag for the actual present. Don’t think that the packaging is irrelevant. Apart from the fact that the surprise effect and the tension increase with it, you put the chosen gift consciously or not, much better in scene. A gift and the matching box – that rounds things off. But let’s take a closer look at what else comes into question:

The material

Before you start crafting, you should consider what material the gift box or gift bag should be made of. You can work well with all kinds of paper, but you could also use unusual and nevertheless very natural means. (see picture gallery!)

The color

Color is also important. You could at least choose the favorite color of the person to be given a gift, but cool Dassins or self-painted figures can also go well with a self-made gift.

The ribbon

Finally, the packaging is tied or otherwise decorated. In this regard, we have selected a nice video with which you can make a Christmas star out of fabric step by step.


The shape of the gift box should be appealing along with the color in the first place. It would be practical and functional to align the shape of the packaging with the shape of the contents.

The size

There are lots of fun people who wrap small gifts in large boxes. This is a lot of fun, especially for small children. Unpacking takes a long time and tension is built up. The faces become happier, the eyes bigger, and finally there is resolution and the reward of finding the gift.

Are you just thinking ahead of time whether you want to please someone like this? If not, you can always buy everything ready-made.

For today’s article we have chosen the topic of “making a gift box” and, in addition to many fantastic ideas and inspirations, we also offer …



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