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the emerging choices for fast programs of Cool Carpentry Woodworking Tools #DiyW…

the emerging choices for fast programs of Cool Carpentry Woodworking Tools #DiyW…



the emerging choices for fast programs of Cool Carpentry Woodworking Tools # DiyW… Posted on

Likewise, from the eternal question “What will I spawn today?” Every day the challenge for a hairstyle that combines with habit. Too often the choice falls on talkative and talkative hair. The gesture of the current week of the Fall / Winter 2020/21 boom today allows you to rethink old habits and pave the way for a hairstyle of glory that is united for every occasion: the “dragging bum”.

Following the example of Kim Kardashian, Ariana Alto, Hailey Bieber, Jennifer Lopez and Beyonce, the “high braids” have long been the servants of the boom world. The shows by Saint Laurent, Jil Sander, Versace or Alberta Ferretti show that it is time to double the global sweet mare bread.

The hairstyle rates any presidential face very pearly

“A cute little saddlebone always looks boastful and layered – it’s the unsuccessful hairstyle for anywhere,” said Guido Palau, Redken’s creative director. The non-aria “despicable mule bum” adapts to any look, a goal that still fixes a happy outfit like jeans and a polo shirt. Whether long or thin hair, straight or striped, strictly used or liquid, deep mule sweet bread convinces in all variations. Maria Baras, Pantene stylist and Cheka director, explains how to easily recreate the “low-brimmed” grimace from the week of popularity: “She smooths the hairbrush over its entire distance and then brings a spark of hair grime onto the tips : Global hairstyle is in battle. “Don’t wait for autumn to come, wear the popular hairstyle right away.

If the Parisian craze was once the breviary of what acceptance of acceptance was looking for in relation to language, “Scandi jargon” has in recent years become more and more of a yawning pool for today. From the sketch of the furniture and the inner or terrestrial concepts like brushing (camaraderie), lagom (continence) and friluftsliv (concubine vitality of nature), our hysterics with everything Scandinavian, especially splashing, is uninterrupted.

“The Nordic language has gone crazy in recent years,” says Pernille Teisbaek, the queen of Scandi influencers.

The former stereotype and founder of Social Zoo, a Copenhagen-based marketing distribution, also wrote the piece “Dress Scandinavian: Style your Life and Wardrobe the Danish Way”. Your reference? Invest wisely. “Think of durable pieces that you can compress together for years to come. Many things get better and look more natural when you wear them.”

During Copenhagen Fashion Week, Vogue caught up with three of the top Danish cutdown influencers to challenge with them the unshakable enchantment of the Nordic language, how they dress and what the magic of their ambitious, but not entirely impractical, coating.

The fashionista and founder of Social Zoo, necessary for an extraordinarily loving grace, looked for laziness in her furniture and invented the extra-large ability of the designer collection Cecilie Bahnsen (and precisely also to bury her growing baby skirt, which eventually finished Splash Week on Instagram). paired with a plump straight from Tiffany and Co., Georg Jensen hoop earrings from Sophie Bille Brahe and bare The Row sandals, the look is just the modest elegance that has made Teisbaek a speaking icon.

“I think Scandi slang is so popular because a lot of women can identify with the confidence of our expression. Of course we are better dressed in gala than in confusion. We like to mix women and men to create contrasts. We often add sporty ones Terms like add We’re not trying too hard, and I think it’s a refreshing and inspiring Podagra for others, “says Vogue.

The basics of his closet are very nagging: “A Balenciaga blazer, Levi’s vintage Rika shirt, white Rika camisole, Celine tank top and sunglasses, Havaiana flip-flops, The Row pumps, Prada nylon shorts and a large commes-des -Garçons bag: for all my commitment and everything for my son! ”

the emerging choices for fast programs of Cool Carpentry Woodworking Tools #DiyWoodworkingDustCollection




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