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The Best Easy Sewing Patterns and Tutorials

The Best Easy Sewing Patterns and Tutorials






The Best Easy Sewing Patterns and Tutorials

When you are just starting to sew it can feel so intimidating. I wanted to put together a list of all the best easy sewing patterns that you can find right here on Sew What Alicia. I focus on projects that are easy for all levels but some are tailored (see what I did there) for super newbies! Here are all the best easy sewing patterns and tutorials. If you are new to sewing I highly recommend you join my sew simple email series to get all the basics delivered straight to your inbox!

The Best Easy Sewing Patterns and Tutorials

Sewing Basics:

If you are brand spanking new to sewing then I want you to start here. This Sewing 101 course will get you ready to use that sewing machine that you have sitting in your closet unopened. Come learn everything you need to know about your machine and then you can start using all the tutorials below.

The posts below will explain all your basics. You will learn the sewing terms that you need to know for the most basic tutorials. Things like back stitch and top-stitch. These are also the posts where I have gone over the different supplies that you will need to get started sewing, including the best sewing machines. These are the building blocks to becoming a great sewer (or sewist as I like to say.)

Sewing Terms for Beginners – These basic terms are great for following along with online sewing tutorials.

Cutting Tools for your Craft Room

Best Sewing Machines for Beginners and Best Machine for Kids

What is a Fabric Precut – Working with precut fabrics is one of the best ways to dip your toe into sewing. You can make tons of projects without actually cutting any fabric. This post will tell you all about the different precuts that are available and how to use them.

How to Press the Right Way – There is definitely a right and a wrong way to press when it comes to sewing. These tips will have you pressing the correct way in no time. Pressing is a large part of sewing, which you might not realize if you are new to sewing.

Must Have Supplies for Beginners – There are certain supplies that you just can’t sew without. Make sure you have all these supplies on hand before you get started.

Sewing Machine Feet a Beginners Guide

How to Cut Straight


There are several categories of people who start sewing. There are those who want to learn to make things for themselves and there are those who want to make things for their kids. And there are also those who want to learn how to quilt and make beautiful works of fabric art. (There are more but those are the categories that I focus on.) I have collected a large group of tutorials that are perfect for learning and placed them in the few categories that I listed. Lots of these projects also have a companion video that will walk you through the project step by step. I created these videos live and so I was able to answer lots of great questions and give lots of tips.

Easy Baby Projects:

If you want to learn to make things for babies then these are the best tutorials to learn! These are tutorials for babies that are all easy and quick to create. They are great for learning the basics while also creating beautiful and fun things. I have lots of other great baby tutorials here on Sew What Alicia but these are the ones that I want you to focus on if you are a beginner.

Easy Burp Cloth – This is a really great tutorial for making a baby shower gift. This tutorial is easy to follow and quick to make.

Self Binding Baby Blanket

15 Minute Baby Blanket – This is one of the most popular posts on my site. This blanket is really really simple to make and once you have made on you will be addicted!

Fabric Baby Blocks

Diaper Clutch and Changing Mat

Bunny Lovey

If you want to learn to make baby clothes then you MUST check out my friend Kate from See Kate Sew. She has all sorts of amazing baby clothing projects and patterns like this mermaid baby gown.

Easy Kid Projects:

Making things for you kids can be so much fun. I love to let my kids pick their fabrics and then make them something really special. My kids love their handmade toys and gifts and it makes me so happy that I am giving them something that they will always remember.

Magician’s Cape

Pillowcase Dress

Popsicle Sleeve

Ninja Pouch

No Slip Headband

Kids First Wallet

Toy Car Belt

Art Smock

Slouchy Toy Sack

Beach Toy Sack

Stuffed Ice Cream Cone

Fabric Bookmarks

Easy Quilts and Quilt Blocks:

How to Make a Quilt – Start HERE!!!

Creating a quilt is one of my absolute favorite things to do. You can use a purchased pattern or come up with your own. Either way you will want to learn the basics of quilting. These are the posts that I think will be beneficial for learning how to create quilts and blocks. There are lots of options here so take your time and work through them one at a time. These are meant for beginners and newbies and I know you can do it!

Quilt Blocks:

How to Paper Piece – Paper piecing is one method for quilting. You print a pattern on paper and then sew directly on the paper. This is an easy method for beginners and this tutorial will walk you through the basics and get you started paper piecing in no time.

Cathedral Heart Quilt Block


Cheater Rag Quilt – This cheater rag quilt is a new take on your traditional rag quilt. It is very simple to make and uses just straight stitches. This rag quilt comes together in no time and is great for practicing sewing straight lines while also making a fun quilt. Plus you don’t have to cut any fabric, which is always a plus.

Whole Cloth Quilt – This is a great follow up to the cheater rag quilt. You use one large piece of fabric but then you will learn to basics of quilting like binding and free motion quilting.

Flavor of Summer Quilt Top

Subway Tile Quilt Top

Awesome Ocean Quilt Along – Video Tutorial Series – This is another live sew along series. This series has several videos walking you through this paper pattern. If you have never quilted this is a great series to get started with. Plus with links to the Facebook videos you can still ask questions as you follow along and I will be able to answer and work with you while creating this project.

Striped Paper Pieced Quilt Block

Popsicle Quilt Block

For more quilting inspiration check out my friend Christopher from the Tattooed Quilter – When Skies are Gray. And Amy from Diary of a Quilter – Five and Dime Quilt.

Easy Bags, Totes, and Zippers:

Zipper pouches and totes are my favorite things to create. So I have more than a few tutorials for easy sewing patterns and projects like these. I could make zipper pouches for days. When I started sewing I was totally intimidated by the zipper. But with my 30 days of zipper live sewing series on Facebook I know you can master the zipper and create your own projects in no time.

15 Minute Lined Tote: – This tote has faux leather handles and is lined which makes it reversible. These make great gifts and it is the perfect easy sewing project for newbies and those who don’t want to spend a ton of time sewing.

30 Days of Zippers – This is a live series with 30 videos for 30 different zipper projects! This is a must if you want to learn to sew a zipper. I promise they aren’t scary.

Crossbody Messenger Bag

10 Minute Tote Bag – This is the quickest and easiest tote bag that you will ever create. If you are wanting to learn how to create bags this is the best place to start.

Drawstring Backpack – This backpack combines paper piecing and bag creating. This is the perfect project for combining your new skills.

Ruffle Zipper Pouch

Circle Top Tote

Easy Zipper Pouch

Lined Zipper Pouch

Lunch Sack

Beach Tote

Easy Pencil Pouch

Felt Earbud Pouch

Easy Sewing Patterns For the Home:

Creating things for your home is one of the most rewarding things you can do with your new sewing skills. I love to change things out with the season and for holidays. Here are some easy sewing patterns and basic tutorials that are perfect for learning and also creating new decor for your home. Make these for yourself or for your friends and family and your sewing skills will be amazing in no time at all!

Beginner Apron

Square Pillow Cover

Fat Quarter Pillow Cover

Make Your Own Pillow Form – First learn to sew a pillow form and then you can create any size pillow and pillow cover that you want. You are going to be filling your bed and couch with custom pillows in no time.

Easy Custom Pillow Cases

Table Runner

Scrappy Coasters

Still need more easy sewing patterns? What are you looking for? Comment below and I can work on creating a project for you.

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This is a large collection of easy sewing patterns and tutorials that are perfect for beginners and sewing newbies. Click through for the full collection of easy sewing patterns.




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