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Small yard projects to do this summer

Small yard projects to do this summer



We told you in previous articles that last year we managed to plaster the house, and now we started looking on the internet for ideas for the yard. Due to last year’s excavations (for sewerage), we had to dig the whole yard, the wheel around the house. In the autumn we managed to dig the garden and plant the lawn again. Only good that a week ago, a team of Dora rushed into the yard to pull the power cord under the ground. All good and beautiful, only that in their laborious advance and in spite of my warning they broke our pipe with water and then they started to break our concrete alley with the sledgehammer and the pickaxe, so that, for the introduction of a 10 cm pipe thickness, I broke about 50 cm of concrete, they cracked it in all directions and if I didn’t intervene in time, they would break the freshly laid base of the house. In conclusion, our yard looks like after a bombing.

I was lucky with the weather and the rains of the last few days, so the ground settled back on the excavations and as that area was compromised anyway, I decided to expand my small flower garden.

But in summer we must solve the alley and turn our attention to the terrace, where we have postponed investments and are already urgently needed. As the budget is limited, we focus on solutions that can be made even by us and with the lowest possible costs.

Here are some of the ideas I would like to implement.

1 For the back terrace, where the sun is shining at sunset, I would like to build something that will keep a little shade. I really liked this wooden version. As last year’s storm warned us, I would not just want a screen from top to bottom (being an area too large), but to combine with some wooden pots. Taking into account the temperatures and the strong sun in our area, which burns everything, I would put the plants on the inside, towards the terrace, so that they also benefit from the protection of the screen.

(I’ve been thinking about terrace solutions for the last few years, but closing the terrace with glass or plastic panels seems like a bad idea to me because I would turn the area into a greenhouse. These wooden panels seem to me the best choice , which combines both sun protection and privacy.)

Also, also with a protective role, we still have to insulate the roof. Last year we managed to isolate a part and you can feel the difference. For insulation I used polystyrene adhesive, mineral wool and OSB boards. Most likely we will do the same with the rest of the roof.

2. On the inside, I was thinking of installing some outdoor curtains, which would provide extra sun protection and keep insects (especially flies) away.

3. I also had a problem with the wooden structure of the terrace, because I did not know exactly how to process and protect the wood. It should look good. And I found this idea, to dress the wood and give it a much more elegant and beautiful look.

4. I want to install outdoor lights. Pleasant, not just the “beacon” we have now. Lights that invite us to stay outside in the evening 🙂

5. Construction of large concrete pots and benches (with pots included) on a low budget, using a chemical anchor for fixing (probably the last to find out that there are soldering solutions for very heavy objects! 🙂)

6. Alleys with gravel / wood combination or large concrete slabs, on the model below. I have always encountered this variant and considering that it is possible to have more excavations in the yard, I do not want to invest in tiles at the moment.

7. Construction of a “foot mud washing station”. Because we have clay soil and we always carry mud on the terrace.

8. High layers of various sizes.

A composter would have been put on the list, but it seems that we will receive a free one from the town hall as part of a selective garbage collection campaign. Which I really enjoy. I want to build such raised beds so that I can fight the drought we usually face in the summer and be able to use good quality composted soil. We don’t have much space, but as much as it is, I want to use it as much as possible.

9. I want to recondition a pallet that lies unused in the yard.

10. Creative ideas to attach the number to the house.

11. This is a more courageous project: installing a barrel to collect rainwater that drains from the pipe.

12. Reconditioning an old chandelier and transforming it into a flower stand.

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Small yard projects to do this summer




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