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Small Knit Decorative Pumpkins

Small Knit Decorative Pumpkins



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About Yarn Punk®

Fall is here!

And what a better way to combine our love for the autumn season and yarn than with some seasonal decor? Nothing more symbolic of the seasons changing than seeing pumpkins come out of our closets to dominate every possible category from pumpkin spice lattes to pumpkin chuckin’.

We have a new Yarn Punk guest here who is killing the pumpkin game out there with her knit pumpkins. Sarah will be taking us step by step on how to knit her adorable small knit pumpkins perfect for decorating all over your home this fall. Want to know the best part about her pattern? No weaving in ends. Be sure to give her some love over on her social media accounts where she is enthusiastically taking the yarn community by storm. I think we have said pumpkin enough this intro to finally let Sarah have a word!

Hi Sarah!

“Hey there readers! I am Sarah, the way-too-obsessed-with-everything-yarn maker behind Sarah’s Twists. I am by far not a blogger or a pattern designer. In fact, I am one to go by the book and find it a little bit difficult to design things. You see, I am still really new to this whole world of things yarn. I started crocheting back in August of 2018, right before my son was born. I was set to bed rest during my final trimester of pregnancy because my son was trying to enter this world way too early. It wasn’t until January of 2019 that I decided to pick up knitting too. I’ve been having a blast discovering new things that the yarn world has brought to me, including Yarn Punk! I would love for you to join my crochet, knitting, and dyeing journey over on my instagram to see when my latest shop updates occur.”

Instagram- @SarahsTwists

Etsy- SarahsTwists

Would you rather just buy the finished product? Buy it Here!

Skill Level



Worsted Weight Yarn

Poly-Fil / Stuffing

Darning Needle

Hot Glue Gun

Glue Sticks

Cinnamon Sticks Cut in Half



Recommended Needle Size on Band of Yarn 16” circular needles / Knitting Machine


Depending on how much you stuff your pumpkin, it ends up being roughly 4” D x 2.5” H


The pumpkin is “double lined” by folding a tube in half to help reduce the chance of stuffing sticking out of the sides for both hand knit and machine knit.

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Let’s Begin!

If Knitting By Hand

CO 48 sts

Continue working in a round, stockinette stitch until your tube reaches roughly 9” long. Cut long tail and follow shaping instructions.

Begin by setting your Knitting machine to the Tube setting. Weave and begin the project. Work approximately 45-50 rows, or until your tube reaches 9” long. CO using your preferred method leaving a long tail. Follow shaping instructions


From Knitting By Hand- Use a Running stitch along the open ends of the tube to be able to cinch the sides.

Begin by taking the ends of your tube and pulling the ends shut

Taking your tube, fold in one half of the tube within itself and cinch shut together. You can work a double knot to hold the ends together.

Using a scrap piece of yarn and your darning needle, create a drawstring on the side with no tail ends, by going in between the tube and exiting the same place you first go in your tube.

Stuff your pumpkin and draw in the end closed and knot it together.

Bring one of your longer tails to the same time of the draw string by taking your darning needle and weaving it through the center of the pumpkin. Tie 3 ends together pulling the pumpkin shape in. You should have 1 long tail on one side, and 3 strings on the side that you created the drawstring.

If you want a more evenly sectioned pumpkin, begin by taking your long tail and following the diagram above. You will create these bumps by going over the pumpkin, and sticking your needle through the holes that are created by cinching the pumpkin together. Split your pumpkin into two halves first, and taking each half and making two bumps within it. Creating 6 sectioned out bumps. Bring your tail end up through the center one last time bringing all 4 ends to one side. Knot together and cut ends. Use your Hot glue gun and glue your cinnamon stick stem down where those knots are to avoid weaving in ends!

Add any details you would like, ie- twine, leaves, mini pine cones, even a cute little witch’s hat to make it more Halloween than Autumn.

And that does it for your small knit pumpkins whether you make it by machine or knit by hand!

You may not sell this patterns or claim them as your own. It is allowed to make items to sell(i.e. on Etsy, at craft fairs) from this patterns but I ask that you link back to my blog and provide credit for the pattern. You are welcome to share my patterns on social media so long as you link back directly to my blog post(providing the link). No copy & paste of my patterns will be allowed under any circumstances.

Be sure to tag @knot.bad and @yarnpunk on your socials and use the hashtag #yarnpunk!

Get into the fall mood by learning how to knit your own pumpkin fall decor for your home today with this free easy and fast knitting pattern on Yarn Punk




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