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Simple Garden: +64 Inspirations For You To Create Your Own

Simple Garden: +64 Inspirations For You To Create Your Own



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Those who live in big cities know that being close to nature is not always easy. Whether living in an apartment or a remote location, visiting even a simple garden can be a difficult task. But calm, nowadays it is possible to keep at home from a small and simple conservatory and have a cozy place to be able to relax at the end of a stressful day.

There are several different ways to build a simple and inexpensive garden, the important thing is to always look for inspirations that express your personality and personal taste, so that you can discover a simple garden model in which you can always care without disturbing your routine, because Beautiful simple garden also requires some care.

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What does it take to create a simple and inexpensive garden?

Before setting up a simple small garden in your home you need to check some important points, so that you can make the best choices like:

Choose the location for your simple little garden well; Check ambient air circulation; Define which flowers and plants are most appropriate to create; What type of material will be used in the construction of your simple garden model.

Simple garden model in a small space

Nowadays it is possible to create an incredible simple and inexpensive garden from any space, just explore the best possible way available. Knowing how to choose the best garden flowers, gardening tools to use and furniture to decorate your simple creative garden is essential, as well as seeking to explore all spaces well, because even the walls of the environment can be used to allocate your flower beds and potted plants, thus creating a beautiful simple garden. Below the best small and simple garden ideas.

Garden with concrete block

If the space chosen for your simple garden is limited, concrete blocks are a good option. This material is a great idea for a simple small garden, so it is possible to create a vertical garden, because it is only necessary to organize the blocks in the chosen place that they fit naturally.

Garden with beds

This can be one of the most democratic simple garden ideas, since there are several models of flower beds, so it is possible to choose the one that best adapts to the space. For a simple creative garden a hanging bed is a great choice, but if the space is a little bigger you can also use a traditional bed.

Garden with pots

Simple garden ideas can be diverse, so using pots of different shapes and sizes is also valid. By choosing different garden flowers you can transform your simple and inexpensive garden into something very creative and make it your own.

Garden with crates

When choosing crates you will have several options and ideas for small and simple garden, since this material can be used in different ways, be allocated vertically and can accommodate plants, flowers and vegetables or even limiting specific spaces on the floor for a bonsai .

Winter Garden

For a small and simple winter garden, it is necessary to assess where the plants will be allocated, such as in pots, beds or on the ground, in addition to looking for species that best adapt to this environment. Being a small and simple winter garden you can abuse the choice of other decorative items such as cushions, trellises, wooden benches, stones, tables and chairs.

After choosing among the several small and simple garden ideas for the one that best fits your home, it’s time for you to get your hands dirty and leave this corner with your personality. Searching for the flowers and plant pots that will make your garden look simple is essential to make this space a place where you can relax and be closer to nature whenever you want.

Check out + 64 amazing ideas to create a simple garden in your home

* Text by Suellen Brandão

Check out several creative inspirations for you to create your own simple garden. Different model of simple garden, for all sizes and tastes.




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