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Sewing Projects That You Can Sell

Sewing Projects That You Can Sell



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It is nice to think that we could be making a little extra money from our sewing hobby. One of the questions that I see time and time again in the sewing forums is what to sew that sells well at sewing and craft fairs. So here is a post full of sewing projects that you can sell.

Sewing Projects That You Can Sell


There are so many ideas out there for dress patterns. I certainly have thought about selling little dresses. But why not think about selling

Little Skirts

These are so easy to make.

here is my tutorial


There are lots of patterns out there to make.

but have you seen my tutorial on how to make these?


Again, I have adapted a pattern that is free on the internet.

Please do note though: there are strict laws against selling certain licensed character fabrics. The garments above are for my own use, I would not sell anything made with licensed fabric.


Make these to match the dresses and skirts if you are selling them. Though they sell well on their own too. See how to make them here.

Eco-friendly Goods

Lots of people are looking for sustainable alternatives to everyday things that we currently throw away. So these are great ideas to sell, as not everyone can make their own.

Case For A Reusable Straw

This is such a useful thing to have in your bag.

See my tutorial here.

Reusable Sanitary Pads

Not what everyone is after, but these are still a lovely item to make. See my tutorial

Sanitary Pad Pouches

And these are great to sell alongside the pads. Alternatively, these can also be used as reusable snack packs!

See my tutorial.

Reusable Sandwich Wraps

Another handy thing for people to have. Never use a plastic ziplock bag again!

Find my tutorial here


People love these alternatives to plastic sink scrubbers. Find out how to make them.

Soap Holders

People are starting use more solid shampoo and shower gels, but these get mushy in the shower.

These wash cloths and bags stop all that.

I have 3 ways to make them here.

Hessian Shower Poufs

A really good alternative to those horrid bacteria breeding plastic shower poufs. This is my tutorial.

Reusable Kitchen Roll

In the kitchen, people are shunning throwaway paper towels, for these much more sustainable washable cloths.

Make Up Remover Pads

See my tutorial here on how to make reusable makeup remover pads. These are really easy and can be made from your fabric scraps!

Handy Things For The Home

People love handy things that they can have in the home.

Drawstring Bags

These are multipurpose, can be used for so many things at school, home, the gym and the office.

Here is how I make mine.

(NB: again, I would advise against selling items made from licenced fabric – this is against the law and you may be prosecuted)

Dog Poo Bag Holders

These are a brilliant idea for all your dog loving friends, and so I am sure will sell well.

See my tutorial here.

Fabric Bookmarks

Such a great gift idea, people will love these for wrapping around a book or diary. See how to make them here.

Earbud Pouches

These are a great idea for loose change or little items.

Here is the tutorial from DogUnderMyDesk

Lip Balm / Chapstick Pouches

These again are a fabulous idea to have clipped to your bag. Keep your lip balm or even a tiny hand cream in them

This tutorial is from Crazy Little Projects

Eye Masks

Eye masks are a lovely self care treat. And very easy to make.

Again there are some great patterns out there on the web.

Hand Gel Holders

In the current climate, hand hygiene when out and about is paramount. These gel holders hold a small bottle.

See my tutorial here.

Small bags and pouches

There are lots of ways you can make pouches. You tube have lots of tutorials, and you can make them in all shapes and sizes.

Especially For Christmas

Christmas is one of the main times for fairs, so these are great things to sew in time for the holiday season. You could make more drawstring bags as reusable wrapping paper.

Reusable Fabric Christmas Crackers

These make a lovely gift, and can be filled with so many things. See my tutorial

Padded Fabric Christmas Trees

This is a lovely decorative idea for Christmas.

See how I made them.

Advent Calendar Bags

Again , a great reusable alternative to a traditional advent calendar.

See how these are made.

Freemotion Embroidered Cards

Cards are very quick and easy, and can be made and personalised for every occasion.

See how to make them

I hope that this has given you some good ideas for sewing projects that you can sell. I would love to hear how you get on! Let me know in the comments, or find me on social media

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Sewing Projects That You Can Sell – make money from what you sew with these ideas for brilliant & sellable DIY items. Full step by step tutorials for each.




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