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Sew Crafty Travel

Sew Crafty Travel. Summer is upon us so I thought I would put together a few simple sewing projects to help us travel smart and organized. All of these projects can be made with fat quarters or remnants and are perfect to keep all of the smalls that we need to carry with us easily accessible and totally organized.

The first 5 projects in this series of tutorials used a total of 2 remnants of 1/2 yard each. The total fabric cost for these first 5 projects was about $5, maybe less. There were additional costs for the notions but I had all of these on hand. The last two projects in this tutorial are luggage tags and a passport and tickets wallet that I got from other designers. All 7 projects are fun and inexpensive to make and will make any trip a breeze. I started with a small storage sleeve for all of your small tech items like ear phones, charger, plugs and batteries.

If you don’t have a stash of fabric like I do feel free to head over to or use this 40% off Hobby Lobby coupon and pick the perfect fabric for you. This post contains affiliate links that if you click on them and make a purchase I may receive a small commission at no extra cost to you.

Tech Travel Storage: Sew Crafty Travel

It is so easy to forget your gadget chargers and head phones when you travel. I have made it easy to remember by creating this little tech travel storage wallet that is easy to construct and allows you to carry chargers, head phones, and other gadgets and roll up and toss in your suit case. In this case, I used more of my 1/2 yard remnants to continue my floral theme.

What you will need: Tech Travel

Tech Travel Pattern

Two fat quarters or equal sized remnants in coordinating fabrics

Fusible fleece

35″ of 5/8″ elastic

Two Buttons

Erasable pen

Standard Sewing supplies

Step 1:

Print out the two pieces and tape them together at the diamonds. Cut out one pattern piece from your outer fabric and one from your lining fabric. Cut one piece of fusible fleece subtracting the 1/4″ seam allowance. Cut two pieces of lining fabric using the end of the pattern to serve as your pocket piece. Take your 40″ of elastic and cut it in half.

Step 2:

Sew the two pocket pieces right sides together along one of the long edges and fold over. Press the seam flat then sew along the top for a finished look.

Step 3:

Line up the two pieces of elastic on the lining piece on the areas denoted by the dotted lines on the pattern. Mark and Pin the places where you want to make the divisions in the elastic where you want to insert your cords. I started by sewing the top end of the elastic first then the intermediate divisions. Sew a decorative button to the top center of the pocket.

Step 4:

Fuse the fusible fleece to the wrong side of the exterior fabric. Place the exterior fabric right sides together with the lining fabric and pin or clip. Sew all the way around leaving a small gap at the bottom for turning. Make sure you clip the corner’s so they are nice and crisp. Turn the entire piece and press.

Step 5:

Take a 2″ x 5″ piece of lining fabric and fold the long sides so they meet in the center and press then fold the long side in half again and press. Sew a small seam up both sides. Fold the strip in half and place it in the opening you used for turning the piece so that the sides are side by side. Sew the loop in place and close up the opening. I like to do this by hand using one of the hand techniques I showed in my making cats and dogs post. You will use this loop to attach around a button to keep the tech bag closed. You could also install a magnetic snap as well. Place a large button approximately 5″ from the other end of the piece on the outside and center it. Sew it in place. You will use this button to wrap the loop around to keep the tech bag closed.

Step 6:

You are now finished. Just fill it up with tech chargers and gadgets that you keep around the house or that you take on the road. You will never misplace them again.

Jewelry Travel Storage: Sew Crafty Travel

Keeping your jewelry organized and safe is important and this little jewelry wallet does that while staying coordinated with your other travel accessories.

What you will need: Jewelry Travel Storage

Step 1:

Cut out one pattern piece from your outer fabric and one from your lining fabric. Cut one piece of fusible fleece subtracting the 1/4″ seam allowance. Cut two pieces of lining fabric for your pocket pieces. Make sure to transfer the markings from the pattern pieces onto the fabric using disappearing ink. The end of the pattern piece with the four circles goes on one end of your lining while the end of the pattern with the one circle goes on the right side of the outer fabric.

Step 2:

Sew the two pocket pieces right sides together along The top and bottom edges. Turn inside out and press the seams flat then sew along the top for a finished look.

Step 3:

Fuse the Fusible fleece to the wrong side of the outer fabric. Sandwich the pocket piece between the right side of the outer fabric and the right side of the lining fabric. Sew all the way around leaving an opening for turning. Turn the pouch inside out making sure the pocket is on the lining side.

Step 4:

Close the opening. Sew a line across the middle of the pocket piece which will serve as the bottom of the pockets. Add the snap and the lobster claws. Once they are in just fill it with jewelry and hit the road.

Travel Make-up bag with Brush Storage: Sew Crafty Travel

This is a zippered makeup and makeup brush rollup caddy that continues the floral theme. The design is really simple to make and includes spaces for makeup, nail polish and accessories and makeup brushes. There is a zippered pouch and a slip pocket. The whole thing folds up into a neat little package that is secured with a hair tie and a button.

What you Will Need:

1/2 yard of your main fabric

1/2 yard of your lining fabric

9″ zipper to match your main fabric

to match your main fabric 1 stretchy hair tie to match your main fabric

1 large button

1/4 yard of heavy weight interfacing

1/4 yard quilt batting

Lace (optional)

Standard sewing supplies.

Step 1:

Once again I used remnant fabrics that I had on hand to create this project. As you all know, I love to use remnants because they are always at least 50% off and usually contain enough fabric to do Small craft projects. In this instance, I had some lovely gold, yellow and gray floral fabric and a solid golden yellow fabric that matched nicely to make a terrific zippered makeup and brush roll up caddy perfect for traveling.

The first thing I did was measure and cut a piece of my main and lining fabric and quilt batting 10 1/4″ x 20″. You can make your project any size you would like. This seemed like a good size for the things I wanted to put into my nephew’s caddy. Next, I measured and cut another piece of my main fabric 8′ x 20″. Finally I cut 2 pieces of my main fabric and 2 pieces of my lining fabric 4″ x 10 1/4″ to use for the pouch.

Step 2:

I began to make the pouch. I took the zipper and sandwiched it between one piece of the main fabric, a piece of lace ribbon, and one piece of the lining fabric right sides together. You can purchase a zipper with the lace already attached but I did not have one on hand so I improvised using items I already had in my stash. If you do not already have these items, I recommend getting the decorative zipper. It is much easier to work with.

Notice that the lining fabric’s right side is facing up, the zipper’s right side is facing up, and the lace ribbon and the main fabric’s right side is facing down. Sew the layers together using a zipper foot if you have one. Repeat this process for the other side of the zipper. Once this is finished you should have 4 pieces of fabric with a zipper and lace ribbon in the middle. Unzip the zipper.

At this point I added some medium weight interfacing and some fusible fleece to the main body fabric. I did it now to completely avoid any bulk while sewing the zipper and the ribbon. With right sides together sew the bottoms only of the main fabric together then the lining fabric. Return both fabrics to right sides out and put the lining fabric inside the main fabric. Set aside

Step 3:

Take the 8″ x 20″ piece of fabric and fold it in half lengthwise and press. Place it on the bottom of the lining fabric lengthwise. Place the pouch on one end and pin. Mark the lines for the brushes. Sew a single line for the each of the brush slots.

Once the lines have been sewn, sew the zippered pouch onto the lining.

Step 4:

Place a piece of quilt batting under the lining. Add the hair tie to the end of the caddy opposite from the zippered pouch so that just a little is peaking out. Then place the main fabric piece over the lining, brush pouches and zippered pouch right sides together.

Sew around the entire caddy leaving a small gap so that you can turn the entire project inside out. Before turning the caddy, clip the corners. Turn the caddy using a poking device to push out the corners. Sew on a button to the other side of the caddy about 5 1/2 ” from the end where the zippered pouch. Top stitch around the edges to close the gap and to create a more professional look. Voila. You have now created a terrific makeup caddy.

Mesh Bag for Dirty Laundry: Sew Crafty Travel

I always like to keep my dirty clothes separate from my clean ones so I take along a draw string mesh laundry bag on my trips. This one is super easy to make and costs very little. The mesh is very inexpensive and I used more of the remnant and some pre-made bias binding to complete this project in a very short amount of time.

What you will need:

1/2-1 yard pf mesh fabric

4″ x 45″ Outer fabric.

45″ Cording

1 package double fold bias tape or you can make your own

Step 1:

Decide the size of your laundry bag. I used the entire yard. I folded the mesh fabric long way. I used the bias tape to connect the bottom and one side together. You can simply sew the side and bottom together but if you do I suggest you repeat the seam.

Step 2:

Take the outer fabric and fold the ends in about 1/4″ and press. Attach the fabric to the mesh, right sides together using 1/4″ seam allowance. Fold the fabric over to create header of 1 1/4″. Fold the raw edge under then sew all the way around. There should be an opening left at the end of the header where you turned under the ends. This will be the casing for the cording.

Step 3:

Thread some 1/8″ cording through the casing and tie the ends in a knot or use a cording stop. The bag is complete so you can put all of your dirty clothes in it while on your travels and keep them separate from the clean ones.

Travel Eye Mask: Sew Crafty Travel

I love these eye masks. They are perfect for wearing on a plane or in an unfamiliar hotel room. They are also super easy to make. I used more of the remnant that I started with to make these little cuties.

What you will need: Travel eye mask

Travel Eye Mask Pattern

Fat quarter, Fat eighth or remnant for body of mask

Coordinating fabric if you want two colors

Fusible Fleece

1/4″ elastic

Standard Sewing Supplies

Step 1:

Print Pattern and cut fabric and fusible fleece. Cut the Fleece about 1/4″ smaller than the main body fabric. Fuse the fleece to both pieces.

Step 2:

Measure the elastic to fit snugly to your head keeping in mind to leave room for the mask and cut. Place the ends of the elastic in the center of the ends of the main body pieces. Layer the main body pieces right side together with the elastic inside. Sew all the way around leaving an opening for turning. Clip around the curves.

Step 3:

Turn the mask inside out. The elastic should be on the outside. Use a pointer to push out the seams. Press well. Sew the opening shut. Then Top stitch 1/8″ around the entire mask. You are now finished with a terrific sleep mask for your travels.

Luggage Tags: Sew Crafty Travel

Click here for a complete tutorial on how to make these beautiful fabric luggage tags.

Passport Holder: Sew Crafty Travel

Every time I travel abroad I have to have my passport, ticket and photo ID in an instant. I thought a passport wallet would be ideal to make my life easier. I designed this passport wallet to carry two passports, ticket, identification and credit cards. It is simple wallet pattern make. You will be glad to have all of your items in one place when trekking through the airport. You can see the pattern and complete tutorial by clicking on my how to make a passport wallet tutorial.

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Sew Crafty Travel Sew Crafty Travel. Summer is upon us so I thought I would put together a few simple sewing projects to help us travel smart and org




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