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Sew 2 triangular scarves from only one meter of fabric

Sew 2 triangular scarves from only one meter of fabric



Anyone who has read my last post about my new overlockers knows: I’m addicted to towels. When I see woven fabric a meter in weight, I don’t think of an airy top, but of two shawls.

Two equal? Yes! True to the motto “joy shared is joy doubled”, you can sew a quick scarf for yourself and a friend from one to 1.5 meters of fabric.

A great present for Christmas, for a birthday and of course for Valentine’s Day. For the men who don’t sew: You can just give a few meters of fabric as a present. Your women already know how to handle it. 😉

From piece of fabric to scarf

It is easiest if you also have the width of the fabric in length, i.e. your piece of fabric measures 1.10 x 1.10 or 1.40 x 1.40 m, for example. But if you only have a meter of 1.40 wide fabric, that works too. This technique does not make the scarf symmetrical, but two sides of unequal length can look very nice when wrapped around the neck.

Maybe you remember my tucked scarf from last year? It is a popular example of an oblique division – the fabric was 1.40 wide and I was one meter.

But back to the plan: you have your square piece of fabric and you simply split it diagonally to get two triangles. Now only six seams separate you from your two triangular scarves.


I prefer the overlock for this and provide each side with a rolled hem. I really sew each side individually, simply tie the protruding overlock bead together with a tiny knot at the tip of the triangle and cut off the rest.

Alternatively, you can let the caterpillar stand extra long and thread a few beads or attach a tassel after the knot. There are no limits to creativity here.

Thanks to the rolled hem lever, my BERNINA L460 can also be “converted” extremely quickly for the rolled hem. Left needle removed, push the stitch tongue away with the selector lever for the rolled hem, set the stitch width to R (very narrow) and off you go!

If the rolled hem is too inconspicuous for you, sew with bulk thread and a normal overlock stitch, as I did with the blackberry-colored cloth (far right in the picture).

Double gauze is too thin for you for a cloth? That is a shame for your girlfriend, because instead of dividing the meter, in this case you simply fold it over the diagonal to get a more voluminous scarf and only hem the two short sides. The material Tencel, which is so popular at the moment, is also wonderfully suitable for a more elegant, flowing cloth. The example in the picture is the cloth in rosé with a black rolled hem.

You don’t like cloths made of woven fabrics? You can use any fabric, besides thin jersey, I also really like jacquard. The rolled hem will be cleanest if a thin material with an even structure is chosen. Very puffy muslin like my currently sewn cloth gives a somewhat frayed result and you have to be very careful when sewing that no holes form between the overlock bead and the fabric.

Quick sewing instructions for two triangular scarves made of just one meter of fabric (e.g. with rolled hem). Perfect as a gift for girlfriends.



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