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Semi Shade Vertical Garden

Semi Shade Vertical Garden



BASICS OF VERTICAL GARDENING (PLANNING FOR INDOOR AND OUTDOOR VERTICAL GARDEN) In today’s world, plant lovers wish to own a big beautiful garden which carries beautiful ornamental foliage and flowering plants but the only thing that restricts them from having one is sufficient space and sometimes sufficient time too, to fulfill their dreams.

If you are also a plant lover and face the same problem then no need to worry, I will guide you how to fulfill your dream even if you have little or no space for your own dream garden.

So without wasting your time what if I tell you that solution lies in having a vertical garden.

You might be thinking Okay! we also know that, but it take Professionals to build Vertical Gardens, that’s not an easy Job, but I assure you to guide how to design your own vertical garden like professionals as I have experience in vertical gardens and I know what works and what doesn’t.


Vertical Garden is basically a framework of panels in combination with detachable vertical garden pots which are fixed in series on a wall by drilling holes, in which small bushy foliage and flowering plants are planted so that they prosper well, showcase their beauty without occupying any ground space.

“In simple words, to decorate your bare walls with natural plants with the help of supporting framework of panels and detachable vertical garden pots is known as Vertical garden”.


Base material for Vertical garden (Vertical Garden Planter)

Selection of Place & Plants

Potting Media



So far we have discovered that the best base material among all vertical garden systems is combination of Supporting Panels with Detachable Vertical garden pots. Some people prefer to go with Geo-textile pouches and Frames.

Vertical Garden Panel

Why we prefer Panels with Detachable Vertical Garden Pots as base material?

Plant gets sufficient space to spread roots.

Easy drainage of water.

Its easy to provide fertilizers or meals for better plant growth.

Even distribution of water among all Plants.

Easy replacement of plants.

SELECTION OF PLACE & PLANTS (Vertical Garden Plants and Suitable Places)

The most important thing in the whole process is the selection of site/wall on which you want to build a vertical garden and vertical garden plants will be chosen accordingly.

Do plants really Prosper in fully Indoor and Outdoor conditions?

No, they do not Prosper they only Survive unless we provide them a particular place which is either a partial shaded area or an area receiving direct sunlight of morning and evening only.

This doesn’t means that I’ve excluded the above two categories from the list, rather I’ll explain the conditions that an indoor and outdoor areas should have.

CONDITIONS FOR INDOOR AREAS (Indoor Vertical Garden Ideas)

1. Best area for indoor VG is one which receives reflection of sunlight and has proper circulation of air.

2. Fresh air areas should be first priority for indoor Vertical Gardens.

3. Packed rooms with poor ventilation or Air conditioned rooms should not be preferred for Vertical gardens.

Foliage Plants for Indoors: Money Plants, Syngonium, Ferns, Xanadu, Pepromia, Philodendron, Chlorophytum, Short Height Sansevieria, etc.


Semi Shade Vertical Garden by Bhola Nursery. Learn Basics of Vertical Gardening.




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