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Sometimes you feel as though you need to get away…maybe to relax…meditate…reflect…but with the craziness of real life that is something that we just can’t find time for…so today I would like to share a few minutes of peace with you…so grab a cup of something yummy and follow me into the whimsical world of

Secret Gardens…

You don’t need a green thumb…gardening talent is not required…just relax and imagine…

Can you hear the birds chirping?

Imagine sitting here …enjoying a little picnic lunch and just taking in all the beauty.

Walk this precious little path and who knows the wonders you will find.

I am sure these stepping stones lead to a special place.

Who wouldn’t feel refreshed after a reading some pages of a good book while enjoying the crisp air and natures beauty.

Where does it lead?

A path less taken leads to unexpected wonder.

On your journey to a secret garden…you just might run into a fairie!

A little stroll can lead to a totally refreshed state of mind.

Wonder what it would be like to become one with a Monet’s

masterpiece …I believe it would be magical!

Can you imagine having a secret tea party right here in this spot…the simple things in life are so precious. Who knows…Alice and the Mad Hatter just might surprise you!

A bit of ginger pear tea would be nice in the cool fresh air.

Oh…what would it be like to take your special little stack of magazines that you have been dying to look through to this secret little spo t and sit there for an hour and relish each and every page while sipping a cool iced glass of pink lemonade. (deep sigh)

When the day is done and all are asleep tucked in safely under Dad’s watchful eye…maybe a few moments to reflect in a special little space will make all your blessings shimmer in the moons dazzling light

Wishing you all a very peaceful and your own secret garden…remember it’s not far away…just close your eyes and imagine!

It’s back to noise the harmonious noise of my family and doggies and yes…sirens throughout the day! The quiet was nice for a moment though : )

See you later for

Take 5



Is there anything more beautiful that Secret Gardens? Sit back and enjoy the view! : ) Are you going to plant one this year???



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