Secret Garden Door – Cricut Maker Miniature – Bitcoin Value
Secret Garden Door

Secret Garden Door – Cricut Maker Miniature

Secret Garden Door – Cricut Maker Miniature



Cricut Maker Miniatures?

Um, yeah.

I’ve been a fan of electronic cutters / plotters for a long time.

Until, now, results like these have only been possible using commercial machines that cost thousands of dollars – I know, because I have one of those machines.

But here’s the thing:

How could I possibly share ideas and files that are only useful to those few who have also invested all that money?

Nope. Makes no sense…so, for all these years, I’ve been biding my time.

Waiting until the day that the ‘hobby’ market caught up to what sophisticated crafters NEED.

That day has freakin’ ARRIVED!

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Grab your Free SVG files and make this Secret Garden Door with the Cricut Maker!

(The machine comes with a black pen, the rotary blade, fine point blade, fabric mat and light grip mat, plus cables)

Note: I designed these files for use with the Maker…if you want to use them on any other e-cutter, feel free to do so, but I won’t be able to help you with settings.

Help yourself to the files, but please, do not share them.

Direct your friends to this post, so that they can download them, too. Thank you.

(cut from mid-weight chipboard 1.45 mm thick using The Knife Blade)

(cut from lightweight chipboard .022 mm thick, using the Fine Point Blade – included with the Maker)

The investment required is no joke: in funds, in the learning curve, and in the space required to house the Maker, and all the related supplies.

No argument from me.

But, I didn’t let that stop me…once I researched and discovered the range of materials that this machine can handle, I was on FIRE with ideas.

Today, I’ll share the first of them. If you’re lucky enough to already own a Cricut Maker, then fantastic – let’s do this together!

If you’ve been intrigued, but haven’t quite made up your mind, I hope this demo will help you decide.

On the left, the Knife Blade & Drive Housing…on the right, the Fine Point Blade.

Both are used in this project.

To complete this project, you’ll also need the Strong Grip Mat

The future of crafting is HERE, now, and it needs YOUR imagination to explore the limits of what we can do!

Make your first Cricut Maker Miniature with me!

Follow the detailed video tutorial, below:

Now, be prepared for many more Thicketworks Cricut Maker Miniatures in the coming months, because I am NEVER going back – this technology is just the beginning of a whole new way to MAKE!

If I have a complaint (and I DO) about the Cricut Maker, it’s this:

You HAVE to use Cricut Design Space to control your machine.

I know. They insist that this is a FEATURE, but frankly, to me it’s just an attempt to micromanage the experience.

We don’t need a corporation to watch our every move, and have control over our creativity.

This is why you’ll NEVER find me sharing my SVG files on Design Space.

They will always be hosted here, on my own ground, without any interference from a corporation. I use Sure Cuts A Lot Pro to design my svg’s – and frankly, it is light years ahead of the Design Space options.

So, in spite of the Design Space requirement, I am in LOVE with this machine.

Yes, I’ll be focusing on Cricut Maker Miniatures, BUT, the uses for Mixed Media and DIY Home Decor, even Fashion, are mind boggling.

What you’ll NEVER see me doing?

The same old vinyl signage – no matter HOW trendy it gets, I’ll leave that to others.

I’m interested in pushing the limits of this amazing machine, and discovering how it can be used to help me create Miniature Worlds, Jaw-Dropping Mixed Media pieces, and anything else that ISN’T ‘cute’.

If this appeals to you, take a look at the Maker…it may be just what you need to bring your visions to life.

Thank you for spending your time with me.

Until next time,

Heather ♥

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