Secret Garden Diorama Pathways – Cricut Maker Miniature Technique – Bitcoin Value
Secret Garden Door

Secret Garden Diorama Pathways – Cricut Maker Miniature Technique

Secret Garden Diorama Pathways – Cricut Maker Miniature Technique



1:12 Scale Pavement System!

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Last time, we talked about how the Cricut Maker can be used to cut layers of various materials to build complex miniature pieces.

If you missed that one, you can read about it by clicking the image of the Secret Garden Door, below:

Today, we’ll examine another use for the Maker:

Cutting stencils to make the creation of Dollhouse or Diorama Pathways SUPER SIMPLE AND FAST!

Here’s what I mean:

When we need a repetitive pattern for our terrain (or walls, or furniture!) using a stencil to add that pattern to our work is often the simplest choice.

The trouble is, most stencils are designed in order to do one thing well: create a border or focal image.

There are a few companies that create stencils for use on walls that are designed to create repeating patterns over large areas.

To my knowledge, this concept has not been terribly popular in the miniature, diorama & scale modeling worlds

So, after considering alternative solutions –

*Scoring the patterns into Foamular or Foam Core Board (time consuming and tedious!)

*Cutting and gluing individual bricks into place (!)

I realized that the simplest solution I could implement was this:

Design a Modular System of Stencils that can be used in infinite combinations to create Dollhouse and Diorama Pathways!

Once this idea gripped my imagination, there was no turning back!

I got busy in Photoshop, designed the initial patterns, then converted and refined the cut files in Sure Cuts A Lot Pro 5

Then came the prototyping and the creation of various iterations of the stencil designs…

The result is this set of two separate svg files, and I’m sharing them with you (for FREE!) right here, right now!

Download your files by clicking on the images below:

Note: please do not share the files. Copyright 2019 Thicketworks, LLC.

Direct your friends to this post, so that they can download the originals, for free!

I used 12″ x 12″ Grafix Clear Craft Plastic .007mm to cut each of these designs.

There are no existing settings in Cricut Design Space for this particular material, so I created a custom material.

Here’s a step-by-step guide to creating your own custom materials in Cricut Design Space!

Once you have downloaded the svg file(s) to your device, sign into Design Space.

Click “New Project”

Select “Upload” from the menu on the left of Design Space

Click “Upload Image”

Click “Browse”

Navigate to the saved svg file on your system

Select one file at a time and click “Open”

(Design Space only allows uploading one file at a time)

The Image will now appear on the “Recently Uploaded Images Page”

Repeat the upload process for both files.

Click the first image, then select “Insert Images”

The Image will now be placed into your Design Space Screen.

Make any adjustments to the size while you are on this screen, then click “Make It” in the upper right hand corner.

Design Space places the file onto your Virtual Cutting Mat. Once you are happy with the placement of the image, click “Continue”:

Click “Browse All Materials”

Scroll Down to the VERY BOTTOM of the “All Materials” page and click “Material Settings”

Again, scroll down to the very bottom of the page and click “Add New Material”

Enter an easily recognizable name for your material, then click “Save”

The next screen allows you to set the parameters for this custom material

Change the settings to 350 (pressure) 2x (cutting passes) and select the “Fine Point Blade” from the drop down menu.

Click “Save”

Congratulations! You’ve just created a Custom Material Setting – excellent!

Now, here’s how to locate and select it for cutting this project.

Click “Browse All Materials” AGAIN. (I know) What a clunky interface!

Use the “Search” function to locate your new Custom Material

Select the material, add it as a “Favorite” by clicking the little Star Icon:

Click “Done”:

Now, place your Grafix Clear Craft Film onto the StrongGrip Mat, aligning the upper edge with the upper edge and left corner of the mat. No additional tape is required for this material.

Load the Fine Point Blade into Clamp B.

Load the mat into the machine, and press the GO button!

Note: Both of these stencils take approximately 25 minutes each to cut.

Okay, just to recap!

Cut the stencils from 2 sheets of Grafix .007 Clear Craft Plastic Sheet (12 x 12 inches)

Use the StrongGrip Mat | No Tape

Create a Custom Material with these settings:

Load the Fine Point Blade (comes standard with the Cricut Maker), load the mat, and cut!

Now that you have created your 1:12 Scale Paving System Stencils, learn how to create realistic brick pathways with them!

The Running Bond Pattern produces bricks that are approximately 5/8″ long.

The Basketweave Pattern produces slightly smaller bricks – about 1/2″ long

Combine the patterns to create endless variations of Dollhouse or Diorama Pathways!

The Running Bond Pattern can be extended in all directions (infinitely!), making it suitable for creating Faux Brick Walls for Dollhouses or Dioramas.

Use your imagination to design a series of intersecting pathways!

Of course, my first project with this Modular Pathway System is to begin constructing the base for The Secret Garden Diorama…

But, you can use them for anything you like!

Follow the detailed video tutorial in order to discover an easy and fast method for using the 1:12 Scale Paving System Stencils to create realistic brick walkways!


Thank you for spending your time with me.

Until next time,

Heather ♥

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