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Saw template stapling tools

Saw template stapling tools



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The different types of pliers are also suitable for the tool boxes of the smallest craftsmen. The tools look particularly authentic if you design them in color.

The tools can be worked in three sizes. The templates are optimized for the clothespin springs described in more detail below and can be easily adapted to slightly different dimensions if necessary.

Feather No. 1 – small:

The small nib is only suitable for the smallest template variant and a material thickness of 8 mm.

Diameter of the spiral spring: 3.7 mm

Drill for spiral spring holder: 4 mm

Width: 9 mm, length: 17 mm

Spring No. 2 – normal:

The most common clothespin spring is suitable for a material thickness of 10 mm. The medium as well as the large template size can be worked in this material thickness.

Diameter of the coil spring: 6.4 mm

Drill for spiral spring holder: 7 mm

Width: 12 mm, length: 22.5 mm

Nib No. 3 – large (double width):

The double-width nib can also be used for medium and large original sizes. The necessary material thickness of 20 mm comes closest to real tools.

Diameter of the spiral spring: 6.47 mm, drill for spiral spring holder: 7 mm

Width: 24.5 mm, length: 21 mm

At the beginning, measure the diameter, length and width of your clothespin pen. Select a drill size for the hole in the spiral spring holder that is approx. 0.5 mm larger than the diameter of the spring. Attention: If the width of the spring deviates, the material thickness must be adjusted. If the length deviates too much, the cut-outs for the transverse brackets of the clothespin spring should be adjusted accordingly.

Would you like to read on? In FEINSCHNITTkreativ issue 16 you will find the complete article with further photos and all fretwork templates.

Clamping tools saw template. Discover fretwork templates and scroll saw templates to copy. Discover exciting and creative motifs for sawing.




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