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Reclaim Your Backyard with a Privacy Fence

Reclaim Your Backyard with a Privacy Fence



Have you been longing for more privacy in your backyard? It’s high time to reclaim your space! These great full and partial privacy fence options will make it possible for you to kick back, relax, and truly enjoy your outdoor space.

I. Full Fencing

Stop feeling like you are living in a zoo exhibit and install a privacy fence around your yard.Whether you opt for pre-made store designs or wood pieces hand-cut by you, there is an option for every backyard reveler.

Wood Privacy Fences

When you think ‘fencing’, you probably first imagine a handsome wooden fence. It is true that wooden fencing is the most classic style for homes across the country. But don’t fear getting stuck with a monotonous look! The wooden boards of your privacy fence can be painted or decked out with accessories like hanging lamps, as Elsa did, to enhance your backyard’s design.

Hometalk Tip: In cold northern climates that experience frost, concrete anchors are necessary for fence posts. Post should be secured 36 inches deep to avoid cracking in a cold snap.

Vinyl Privacy Fences

Vinyl fences are a great option if you would rather not have to worry about the rotting or bug problems that are associated with a wooden privacy fence. Vinyl fences are increasingly popular due to their low maintenance needs and the wide variety of color options available (hip hip hooray for one less painting job, right?).

Hoping to add a little extra style and pizazz to your man-made privacy fence? Why not affix a wooden lattice to key portions of your vinyl fence to achieve the classic, wood-with-vines look.

Hometalk Tip: Hometalk member Cheryl cautions vinyl fence pursuers to” target=”_blank” href=””> take your area’s wind and storm patterns into special consideration. In her town, many vinyl fences need to be replaced after every major storm due to wind damage. She suggests selecting a vinyl design that incorporates spacing between the boards to allow for wind flow.

Privacy Fence Enhancers

Hometalk members never fail to disappoint when it comes to life hacks. Melissa came up with this fabulous, privacy-enhancing design as a way around her neighborhood’s fence restrictions. The taller structure sits insider her yard and connects to the original, not so private fence with diagonal boards. Add some vines and landscaping and you’ll soon have a Secret Garden of your very own, as well as some privacy!

Are you the bursting with style and creativity type? Make your utilitarian backyard perimeter as fabulous as you by adding decorative fence toppers and other fence details like these installed by Southern Trillium. Privacy fencing has never looked so good!

II. Partial Privacy Fences

If your neighborhood has stringent fence restrictions or you just aren’t ready for a full on fencing project yet, you can still create some instant privacy with these strategic privacy fence options.

Door and Shutter Privacy Fencing

Doors or shutters can take on new lives as beautiful partial fencing. You can really let your creative juices flow with upcycled fences like these! There are endless color and accessorizing options.

Curtain Privacy

Do you just love the look of vineyards? You can achieve the look andget a little privacy between your patio and the wide open world with a curtained arbor or pergola. Just think of all the fun, patterned curtain options you could decorate with for your summer wine and cheese parties!

Hometalk Tip: You could also use this privacy fence idea on your apartment balcony.

Salvaged Fencing

This idea is for all you wonderful dumpster divers and rescuers of roadside finds! Old discarded fencing can easily be salvaged for your own strategic privacy fencing needs. There are endless options for fixing any of the fence’s flaws. Hometalk member Katherine filled in the missing fence caps of this roadside salvaged privacy fence with solar lights!

APrivacy Structure

Instead of a full privacy fence, why not carve out a little peace and privacy by installing a beautiful structure, like this gardening shrine by Hometalk member Melissa. Creating privacy for your backyard is the perfect excuse to dream up something fantastical!

Balcony Privacy

If your ‘backyard’ is more like 8’x11′ concrete slab ten floors above sea level, you can still enjoy greater privacy with fencing as Isabella demonstrates below. Major props to her for making these the privacy boards do double duty by nailing up seat cushions.

You could also carve out a little personal space using vines and lattice, like Hometalk member Katie. You’ll get enjoyable, extra use from this privacy fence option if you have a green city thumb and can grow wine grape vines or hops!

Now that you’ve reclaimed your backyard, get out and” target=”_blank” href=””>start a garden or” target=”_blank” href=””>build your own fire pit! Get out and enjoy some” target=”_blank” href=””>outdoor living!

Let us know in the comments what backyard activity plans you’ll have once you’ve gained a little more peace and quiet!

Have you been longing for more privacy in your backyard? It’s high time to reclaim your space! These great full and partial privacy fence options will make it possible for you to kick back, relax, and truly enjoy your outdoor space.



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