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Propagate lavender

Propagate lavender



Lavender is not only a popular plant in the garden because of its purple flowers. The medicinal plant is also used by many to obtain lavender oil, to refine dishes and, when filled in bags, to dispel moths.

Once the roots have formed, the cuttings are placed in plastic pots. They stay there until next spring. But then they are big enough for the field.

Pour on with a shower and make sure that no water collects in the bowl.

Stick the cuttings into the soil up to the first pair of leaves and press them down with your finger.

Fill the tubes with seed compost. Not bad if some dirt goes wrong.

Remove about half of the lower pairs of leaves so that they don’t rot in the soil.

Use sharp scissors to cut off tips approx. 10 cm long from non-flowering shoots.

Empty rolls of kitchen paper make first class cutting pots! The height of the bowl determines the length of the individual pieces.

The soft shoots of the lavender should be cut in spring so that the plant below does not become bare.

Im can also be used preventively. The essential oils of the plant drive away aphids and Co. So that you always have enough of the plant in stock, you should propagate lavender. We show you how to do it here.

In order for the lavender to bloom well, you should cut the soft shoots in spring (from May), otherwise the plant will become bare below. You can kill two birds with one stone – because the resulting material is suitable for reproduction. However, you should not use woody shoots. You can also pull again when pruning in late summer. However, these must then be kept in the apartment or in the winter. To do this, they can be planted directly in the bed in spring.

The alpha and omega of success in increasing lavender is good soil and a clean cut of the cuttings. A cover over the box ensures the necessary high humidity. Place the cuttings in a bright and warm place, but not in direct sunlight. Open the foil every now and then and remove any rotten shoots. After 4 to 6 weeks, the plants are rooted.

Garden maintenance Pruning back lavender Lavender needs regular pruning, otherwise the subshrub lignifies and no longer blooms

Lavender propagate in 7 steps

Instead of buying expensive nursery pots, you can use empty toilet or kitchen paper rolls as a pot. Cut the roll to match the height of your seed tray.

Use a sharp knife or a knife to cut off 10 cm long shoots from the plant. These shouldn’t bloom.

Remove the leaves on the lower half of the shoots.

Now fill the pots with potting soil. This is low in nutrients and germ-free and therefore more suitable for lavender propagation than normal.

than normal. Put the cuttings in the ground up to the first pair of leaves. Lightly press the soil with your fingers.

Pour lightly. No water should collect in the bottom of the bowl, otherwise the earth will mold quickly.

Once roots have formed, you can plant the lavender individually in larger pots. They stay there until next spring. Then the plants can be planted in the window box (s).

Source: himself is the man

The medicinal plant can be used for many purposes. Propagation is made easy. We explain how to cut cuttings.



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