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Privacy Screen Planter DIY

Privacy Screen Planter DIY



Privacy Screen Planter DIY- an inexpensive project with major impact!

I built this Privacy Screen Planter DIY at the end of spring, but I wanted to wait until the plants filled it before I shared it. I’m really happy with this addition to my backyard! It creates a focal point on the side of the house, gives me more planter space (always a plus!) and it blocks the view of the dark, un-lanscaped area on the border of my property.

This privacy screen was relatively easy to build and it only took a day. I should mention…filling it up with dirt took a lot longer! The planter box is constructed first and then the frame for the trellis is built. I used pre-made pressure treated wood lattice panels which made this project a lot easier!

My finished Privacy Screen Planter DIY measures 12 feet long and 2 feet wide. The privacy screen is 8 feet high. The structure is very sturdy and the size of the planter allows for ample flowering bushes.

Supplies needed for Privacy Screen Planter DIY:

Pressure treated 2 x 6s

Pressure treated 2 x 4s (I used 2- 8 foot and 1- 12 foot) (for the center of the lattice frame and the top brace)

Pressure treated wood lattice (the 3/4 inch is sturdy and easy to work with)

Pressure treated scrap wood to use on the inside of the planter

3 1/2 inch exterior screws

Saw, Drill, Nail gun

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The first step is measure the area and buy the wood in the correct lengths. Since my planter box was 12 feet long, I bought 8- 12 foot 2 x 6 boards. The sides were 2 feet so I bought 2- 8 foot 2 x 6 boards.

Building the planter is easy, because you’re just making a simple rectangle. I used pressure treated scrap wood on the inside of the box to prevent bowing and keep everything sturdy. It also helped to reinforce the corners.

Once the planter was finished, I made some adjustments to make sure it was level.

Then I screwed a 2 x 6 x 8 pressure treated board to both ends, making sure they were plum. The wood lattice is 4 feet wide, so I added pressure treated 2 x 4 x 8s to the middle to hide the seams where the lattice joins together. These middle boards also make the screen secure. Once the boards are in place I attached the 2 x 4 x 12 across the top, making sure it was level.

Then I attached the wood lattice using a nail gun. Best of all? No cutting was necessary! I used the full 8 foot height of the lattice and the 4 foot wide panels were perfect for my 12 foot planter.

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Privacy Screen Planter DIY- an inexpensive project with major impact! Create an attractive focal point and block unwanted views with this Privacy Screen Planter that can be built in a weekend.




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