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Pony Wall Workbench

Pony Wall Workbench



Do you want kitchen cabinet style functionality in your garage, but don’t want to take the time and money to build kitchen cabinets?

We just built a new workbench with a new method – we call it the “pony wall method” – and in this post, we’ll share with you how and also the plans so you can build it too.

Why We Love It

There’s alot of different ways of building workbenches, here’s why we love this way and this workbench:

Spacious drawers at waist height (instead of bulky framing)

Toekick elevates the bottom shelf and allows user to stand closer to workbench top

Fully enclosed base is easy to clean around

Treated wood for the base is good for garages and will hold up to potentially wet conditions

Inexpensive and easier to build compared to other methods of building

Designed to work on uneven garage floors

Easy to add a chop saw

16 feet overall length supports cutting on either side of the saw

Easy to modify in length and width

Can make any length you want (plywood is limited to 8′ runs)

How We Built It

We had some leftover 2x framing boards, so we tried out a new way of building the same ole same ole –

Basically, you build three pony walls. You set the first one on the floor and level it up and screw it to the wall behind.

Then you set the second pony wall at the back and screw it to the bottom one.

Then you set the third pony wall on the front, so this gives you a toekick and the front of your workbench.

Then you screw plywood down in between the frames to create the floor, and on the ends to enclose it.

You can just add a top at this point, or you can set a chop saw in it too.

Just cut the framing out where you want to add the chop saw,

And screw to the sides, place the scrap plywood on top and set the miter saw.

Compact Sliding Miter Saws

In this plan, you need a miter saw that will work with 24″ of cabinet depth. I put together a list of sliding miter saws that don’t need rear clearance here, or you can use a chop saw that does NOT slide.

On to the drawers – just attach to the frames (no, you don’t need to attach in the middle, just get the three screws in somewhere)

And slide the drawers in.

Video Tutorial

Watch us build the pony wall workbench in this video

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If you can build a pony wall your can build a workbench with drawers. All the functionality of cabinetry – but at a fraction of the cost and time! Free plans from Ana-White.com




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