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Planters from two pallets

Planters from two pallets



I disassembled the two pallets (all the pieces), to adapt them to what I needed.

Once done, I presented them on the floor to the measurements I wanted to put them, also taking into account the pieces that would form the pots.

I marked the pieces that needed to be cut and cut them. I presented it again to make sure that all the pieces were there, I mounted the planters by bolting them, and once I had done this I dedicated myself to sanding piece by piece.

As the woods are of different shades, the light ones I stained with brown to give them the tone that the darker ones had.

Here you can see the difference in tone of the woods.

Once stained, I had to sand and varnish (this time I did not give any insecticide treatment) and the result of staining the wood was very satisfactory. Here is the exploded view.

It only remained to present and assemble the flowerpots by pulling.

Once assembled, the final test remained. Would it fit the wall? I did everything to measure and without knowing how it would be.

We raised it, and oh surprise! It fit perfectly, the photo is proof.

We sewed it to the wall with some studs and some lag screws so that it would be well fixed, and the rest was to decorate. The truth is that it was successful.

Both day …

Like at night …

Until next time, thanks for your visit.

You have to see how many things can be done with pallets and a bit of imagination. This time I opted for some planters for the terrace, which was a bit soulless. I got a couple of pallets. One of them was large, the other was small, and the wood from which they were made was very different. But I would manage to adapt them. I’m good! The project was for a wall of 1.10m wide by 2.03m high, so first I made a sketch taking the measurements of the pallets into account. What do you think of the result? A bit of Chill Out with those little candles …

Vertical garden with pallets




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