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Pizza Oven Kits & Outdoor Garden Pizza Ovens For Sale UK

Pizza Oven Kits & Outdoor Garden Pizza Ovens For Sale UK



Welcome to Pizza Oven Supplies website. Some of you have browsed before, well that’s what our customers say. “We’ve been looking at your website for a couple of years now and we’ve finally made the decision, we want one of your pizza ovens” UPDATE 15th May 2020 Hello everyone, things are starting to lift, and the future seems a little more certain. We are in near full production and our plan is to hit the ground running. As with most people PPE, i.e. dust masks are a problem, we have a limited amount and are sourcing for long term, respirators, but these are also slow to appear. So, if anyone can help then it would be much appreciated. Nevertheless, we can continue. Our first orders will be going out next week and with normal production, we are booked up until halfway through July. We are making new moulds as we speak, which will make the manufacturing process more streamlined. So will hopefully reduce this wait time. Due to the increased demand it is taking Sam around 3 days to reply to people, so please be patient. If she hasn’t got back to you after 3 days, then please try again as we may have missed you. The queuing system seems to have worked and we will be getting in touch with everyone in numerical order. But like we did at the start of lockdown, we asked all our paid-up Customers that if you weren’t ready just yet, we will offer you a slot a week later, or even longer if required. That way we can help people with builders booked in, or for those that were ready to build their own. And I am pleased to say it went so smoothly. Stay safe everyone, and a big thankyou to the NHS, Care Workers and all other Critical Workers that have served on the frontline during these testing times. Thanks, Nick and Sam Sam 07722753975

Just a few of or customers creations

We have now got over 1000 pizza ovens built in the UK and hope to supply many more this year. Made from recycled refractory materials from the pottery industry in Stoke on Trent, ensures that we can supply you with a product that not only works, but is also great value for money. Just because it’s recycled doesn’t make it inferior, in fact it is made from the highest standard materials. Our supplier takes kiln furniture and processes it into firebrick grog, the best material for modular pizza ovens. Browse through our website and take a look at our Facebook or Pinterest page to see what our customers are creating and saying about us. If you fill in our contact form we can send you our best offers, don’t worry we won’t pester you. We’re just a small family run business hoping to help guide people through the minefield of owning a great looking and practical addition to their garden.

Self-Build Pizza Oven Kits

If you would like to build your pizza oven from the start, why not build your own DIY pizza from one of our pizza oven kits. We are more than happy to help you build your own garden pizza oven. Whether a small pizza oven just for you and occasional entertaining, a good size economical outdoor brick-built oven for your garden, adding that extra entertainment feature, or a large outdoor pizza oven built for your pub or hotel business, then look no further. There is no doubt that the benefits of owning a garden pizza oven is becoming better known. Their uses are endless, limited only by your imagination; it’s not only pizza that tastes fantastic when cooked in a wood fired oven. Not just for pizzas, anything you can cook in an oven or under a grill can be cooked. Meat, breads, pizzas, fish, pastries, tagines in fact almost anything. The only limitation is your imagination, one of our customers favourite dishes is baked Alaska. There are many different types of outdoor pizza ovens on the market, however we specialise in helping people to build, or have built for them, a permanent original looking oven, just like those that adorn gardens across the Mediterranean. We base our ovens around the dome shape. This is the most efficient design and easiest to master your outdoor wood burning cooking skills. There are many factors for this, with the main one being their ability to radiate the heat evenly from above, while storing latent heat in the oven floor. Most of our pizza ovens can be used straight away, allowing you to enjoy the experience immediately. However they should eventually be covered with bricks or render and incorporated in your oven build. Take a look at the options on our outdoor pizza ovens page and see some of the brick pizza ovens we have built or supplied customers, then decide how much input you would like to put into your pizza oven build. We are constantly updating our website with new pizza oven kits and designs, so if you don’t see what you are looking for, please call.

All of our garden pizza ovens are; Hand made in Stoke on Trent with high quality refractory materials

Available in 600mm, 750mm and 900mm internal diameter

Constructed with heat resistant Ciment Fondue®

Insulated with perlite for long heat retention

Designed using ancient principals

Built out of modern materials

The dome and oven floor is pre-fabricated off site out of tried and tested materials, to a tried and tested design.

The oven can be carried and assembled by two able bodied people, even if access is a problem. However, I would recomend 3 to 4 people to do the lifting, just to be on the safe side

All the bricks, with the exception of a few small cuts, are cut offsite. Cutting up to 400 bricks can be very dusty, noisy and time consuming. Something your neighbours may disapprove of

One of our Milano pizza ovens been helicoptered onto the Swiss Alps, thanks Joachim for sending us this great video

Our showroom where we have a Milano square base built, please call for an appointment

Here is an outdoor pizza oven and kitchen display at Reclaimed World, Tarporley, Cheshire. Jeff has broken the boundaries in outdoor kitchen design. His display area is fantastic and a credit to his foresight. Pay him, his staff and his yard a visit, you won’t be disappointed with his vast array of reclaimed and new products. Please note; this is a display for what you can do with our product and his staff cannot advise on pizza ovens.

Have a look at Tim’s oven build near Bath built a couple of years ago. We have made some improvements over the years but the basic design principals remain the same. Just make sure you follow our up to date instructions as some of the video is outdated.




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