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Pet Cactus Rocks

Pet Cactus Rocks



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Did you have a pet rock as a kid? We have seen some really fun adult version cactus rocks and thought it would be fun to make pet cactus rocks for kids. Kids will love to pick out their pet cactus rock for this easy craft project!

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How much cuter can these pet cactus rocks be? And they are so easy to make too! This is a craft your kids will LOVE!

Here’s what you need to make these Cactus Rocks

Rocks – choose them based on the size of your terra cotta pot. A flat surface area is needed for the googly eyes.

Googly eyes

Outdoor acrylic paint – green, white & bright green

Mini Terra Cotta Pots

Hot glue (adults only) or Glue dots for kids

We can’t get enough of these pet rocks! They are just too cute!

We love how the rock on the far right has an indent on it that makes it look like it has a mouth. That’s the best part of picking out the rocks too! You could even have the kids look for features that will make them special and unique.

If you’re choosing smaller rocks, you’ll need a small pot and for bigger rocks, you can go larger. We like how having a variety of sizes looks together to form a rock family.

Directions on how to make these adorable Pet Cactus rocks.

1. First, select your rocks. As mentioned above, you want to look for rocks that are flat on one side so the eyes will go on smoothly. You can even see if you can find some extra details that may give the rock a mouth.

2. Clean your rocks before painting.

3. Paint with outdoor paint if you want to place outside. Otherwise, regular acrylic paint works well. We did 2 coats of the lighter green to ensure we got complete coverage.

Once you have the green painted, use the white to create different cactus designs!

We did dots, hash marks, lines and stars. Our favorite is the hash marks.

4. Now glue on your googly eyes! Use hot glue or glue dots.

5. Now they are ready to go into their pots!

If you’d like them to stand higher in their pots, use a little bit of paper towel or foam in the bottom of the pots.

Watch the full video on how to make them here:

And now you have a family of pet cactus rocks! You’ll love your new “pet” to place in an office, on a porch or in the kitchen.

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Learn how to make these easy cactus rocks. This is a simple tutorial and a fun craft for kids! Make a whole cactus rock family too!



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