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This post is sponsored by Lowe’s, but the patio design and product choices are my own!?

Ever since sharing how to DECORATE A BLANK WALL, I’ve had LOTS and LOTS of emails asking to see more pictures of our new house here in Dallas.

I am definitely open to sharing more photos of our home and have decided to start with our back patio!

So today I’ve teamed up with Lowe’s to show you how we turned our cute little patio into a dining and entertaining oasis!

Hopefully this will give you some patio inspiration for your own backyard.

When deciding which home to purchase, we were super limited due to time constraints and home availability in the neighborhood we wanted to live in.

We finally decided upon a charming craftsman-style home because of it’s darling little back patio.

Here it is in the photo above, unfinished and ready for LOTS and LOTS of color. I love the light-colored brick and have been excited to get it all ready for entertaining!

The first thing I did to spruce up our back patio was pick a color scheme. It was a no-brainer.

It’s pretty obvious that I’ve been majorly OBSESSED with green, black and white.

Have you seen my DECORATE A BLANK WALL and DIY BACKDROP FOR BABY SHOWER posts I can’t get enough of a modern coastal color palette.

My kitchen and living room are decorated in these colors and I wanted to extend the style to my patio, bringing a little of my kitchen outside.

I then browsed the Lowe’s Patio Guide to find an outdoor patio set that fit my space.

I went with the Severson because I’m a sucker for wicker and it had really great reviews online.

The set was delivered the day after I purchased it and all the feels! It’s so, so comfortable and I love it. I then added lots of green, black and white striped pillows. And why yes, some of the pillows have tassels!

I also added a herringbone rug for more pattern, a white side table to help the space pop, a leaning plant stand and some wicker baskets to bring in some texture.

After the furniture, I purchased a whole jungle of plants! Ferns, palms and succulents oh my!

I hung five huge ferns from the ceiling, placed palms and corn plants in the corners of my patio and flowers, spider plants, bird’s nest ferns, succulents and on the side tables.

All the greenery makes the space feel so vibrant and welcoming. It brings the whole patio to life.

And that’s it! I love it so much. It turned out exactly how I had envisioned.

Thank you Lowe’s! You’ve helped me create my dream patio and bring some of my house, outside to my patio. I can’t wait to start entertaining!

This post is sponsored by Lowe’s, but the patio design and product choices are my own!? Ever since sharing how



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