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Oasis of calm in the small garden

Oasis of calm in the small garden



When the weather is nice, everyone wants to spend more time outside, feel and enjoy the fresh air and the green of nature up close. You are sure to feel the same way, which is why we are now focusing our attention on all kinds of garden design topics. Every day we report how you can create an oasis of calm and relaxation in your own garden. On our website you will find numerous practical tips that can inspire you to design your very own outdoor area. With an online research, you will also find clever tips on how to strategically choose the place for a small island of serenity and which furniture fits there. The question of the protection of privacy remains very topical, because every garden owner wants to relax outside without being disturbed or celebrate with friends and family. We have already dealt with these aspects of garden design in various articles. That is why we want to dedicate today’s contribution to the design of a small oasis outside.

This looks almost like a fairy tale, but it’s real!

Nowadays it is not only modern, but also very practical to move the cozy living room outside in the summer. The strict borderline between inside and outside disappears and one tries to achieve a seamless transition between inside and outside in the garden design. This tendency is likely to remain in the next few years.

You set up a place in the garden as cozy as possible to feel like you are in your own four walls. In the oasis in the garden, one strives for the same homely cosiness and comfort that one already has in the interior. Upholstered garden furniture comes into question here, chandeliers, fairy lights and lots of candles emphasize the charm of the outdoor area. Cobblestones or paved paths lead to the square. But what makes the desired cosiness outside are the selected materials and the colors of the garden. You will find out how to deal with these in a moment!

First of all, determine the design concept for the oasis in the garden.

First you have to determine the design concept for your oasis in the garden.

We want to advise you to make a decision in advance what exactly you want to design in your garden. There are many different options to choose from here. Some garden owners want a real oasis of calm outside, others want an undisturbed reading corner. However, there are those who opt for a cozy dining area outside or an outdoor kitchen or garden bar. You could also include a fireplace in the design concept and introduce another can of rustic cosiness into your garden. In all of these cases, the design process is slightly different, but the result is always satisfactory: You have a place where you can withdraw as you please or where you prefer to celebrate with friends.

A garden bar is not a bad idea….

or do you prefer an open fireplace with lots of seats around?

Comfortable outdoor furniture and lots of green plants create the calming atmosphere.

Bright colors and lots of green make your little outdoor oasis even more inviting

If you want to create a little oasis of calm outdoors, then opt for bright and appealing colors. It is well known that they have a positive effect on our psyche and always spread a happy mood. The example above only confirms this. Simple garden furniture with light upholstery, a discreetly patterned carpet in white and blue, an elegant hanging chair and your wish for a cozy place outside is fulfilled. You could also think of suitable decoration for your little oasis in the garden, which fits perfectly into the whole design concept. For example, elegant hanging lamps and decorative items made of copper are real eye-catchers that really express your style and taste. Did we forget something? No, because without beautiful evergreen plants, the design of this island of absolute tranquility would not be complete.

Lots of green plants are must-haves in any outdoor retreat.

The role of plants in creating your open air oasis

Maybe you have a green thumb yourself or do you rather rely on the skills of florists and garden designers? In both cases, only the good results count, namely the little oasis outside must always be appealing and inviting. To do that, you need evergreen plants and beautiful flowers that will facilitate the seamless transition from the home to the outdoors. It is well known that the green calms the eyes and soul. It has an enormous and only positive effect on our well-being. For example, consider evergreen palms or hanging ferns. Firstly, they look wonderful as a decoration and secondly, they create the connection between garden and house in a very elegant way. We therefore advise you to include green plants in the design of your oasis of calm. They are absolutely necessary for practical and psychological reasons!

You can never have enough of these green plants!

These green plants are real works of art of nature!

Perfect harmony in garden design is the order of the day!

More details that lead to an oasis of calm outside

You didn’t get the impression that your oasis in the garden had to be embedded in the green, did you? Different splashes of color are definitely welcome here. You can add colorful accents with colorful decorative pillows on outdoor furniture or have beautifully blooming garden flowers in the immediate vicinity. These reinforce the rural cosiness of your garden and bring a lot of charm to it, which is why they are a must!

Magnificently blooming petunias and other beautiful garden flowers mark the path.

Last but not least, we want to draw your attention to the lighting of your oasis in the open air, because you will definitely want to spend many pleasant evenings there in the evening. Elegant garden lamps, built-in lighting or fairy lights? You can choose what best suits the style of your garden oasis. And don’t forget to always strive for perfect harmony in the design, because this is particularly important for your inner peace and serenity.

We wish you a successful design of an oasis of calm in the garden and a beautiful and eventful summer time!

The importance of well-chosen outdoor lighting is enormous.

Suitable outdoor lighting for your warm evenings outside

The garden paths must also be well lit.

… and put on correctly

… or be embedded in the green!

Built-in garden lighting is being used more and more.

Around the open fireplace you could have a long chat with friends over a bottle of wine in the evening.

Benches in the green look tempting!

Here you will also find clever tips on how to design your oasis of calm and serenity in your own garden. We show you which aspects of the Gar



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