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My home is my horst

My home is my horst



Today I will report to you from the northernmost region of Denmark. Many already follow me via Instagram Stories in which I have already shared some holiday photos with you.

I am here with my family near Blokhus in the very north in a dreamlike dune landscape right by the sea. Nestled in the middle of nature, there are some holiday homes that are designed to blend in perfectly with the landscape and are hardly distinguishable from the surrounding area due to the low construction and the grass roof. I think something like that is wonderful and in some moments it seems as if you are on the film set of Lord of the Rings from Hobbitland.

The first few days it was sunny, but not too warm, but for a week now you only need summer clothes – luckily it’s not as hot as it is in Germany at the moment.

There is not much to be seen here from the corona pandemic, because it is so lonely here, you do not get into your own enclosure and there is also no obligation to make a mark here. The beaches are used by cars, so a lot of distance is also guaranteed. I think it’s pretty relaxed here, the Danes are friendly and totally relaxed – just this hygge way of life 😉

I’ll just take you with me in my pictures:

The Rubjerg Knude shifting dune is definitely worth a visit. You get a fair amount of sand in your face in the wind, but the view from the other side towards the cliff makes up for it.

I really liked the city of Skagen. There is a nice art museum and an even better vintage shop in the old station building! Must see.

In many corners of Denmark there are small handwritten signs that say Loppe, which means flea market. You can always stop there and discover things. Mostly only household goods of the relative modern times and clutter can be found there. The great old things are more likely to be found in stores labeled Vintage or Antique or Design. But then they also have their price. Not overly expensive, but no bargains either. Best for people who actually need something and also want to spend more than one euro or krone. But it’s always nice to look at and I’ve never seen so many choices.

Liquorice lovers should definitely not miss the typical soft ice cream with salty liquorice sprinkles, which tastes great.

My find from the Sunday flea market are old Danish coat hangers, which you can always use.

Speaking of use: a small folding chair or folding lounger for the beach or at least a blanket with a coated underside is really useful here. The beach is very humid and hard, so you can drive on it with the car, but it is a bit uncomfortable to lie on it. I found it a bit strange at the beginning that you drive directly to the beach by car, but then it is quite practical, you can pop everything into the car for all eventualities and don’t have to drag anything for ages. In addition, it is often warm, then cool again due to the wind and so you can sit in the car, listen to music and look at the water from there. If you drive with children, a neoprene suit really makes sense, because the water is logically really cold.

Soon I’ll show you the great city of Aalborg and give you even more tips – see you soon from Denmark!




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