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Man demonstrates the easiest way to build a bench and you only need 3 tools and 30 minutes

Man demonstrates the easiest way to build a bench and you only need 3 tools and 30 minutes



It’s always fun to see a creation come to life especially when it serves a useful purpose. With the ongoing pandemic, people are taking their talents of creativity to a whole new level.

While many are forced to stay indoors, the time on their hands has somehow helped spark a wave of creative projects that have stunned crowds from all over the globe.

One project, in particular, caught our eye. A woodworker, by the name of Jameson Rantz, made a video tutorial showing how to make an easily affordable bench in as little time as 30 minutes. All he used was three tools, his knowledge, and about $30 in total was all that was needed to build this phenomenal DIY bench.

Jameson is a former aerospace engineer who likes to work on building different DIY projects that require little resource and time to achieve. He spends his time devising furniture plans for the average joe that has no experience. Jameson is also a devout Christian, husband, and proud father.

“I wanted to use this opportunity to come up with a design that would be easy and cheap to build, look good, and be comfortable,” said Jameson.

After some research and information digging, Jameson was able to find a design called the “Leopold Bench” named after conservationist Aldo Leopold who apparently constructed these benches for nature photography and bird watching.

The idea became more and more embedded in Jameson’s head until he finally decided to take action.

swiggle1 dot pattern2 lumberjack Source: lumberjack

Jameson strongly liked the bench blueprint and even modified some of the design to fit a more comfortable setup for those who use it. He did this by varying the angles of the legs in order to have a more proper seat and backrest.

The following tools are needed for the project: drill/driver, circular saw, speed square, tape measure, pencil, safety glasses, and hearing protection. Additionally, the materials you will need are four 2*8*8 pressure treated lumber and 2.5″ exterior woodscrews.

Jameson begins the process by cutting the 2*8s with the correct angle. You can use the circular saw for cutting and then use the taper to mark the appropriate angles for the legs.

Instead of leaving the longer leg a full 2×8, Jameson instructs to cut a taper at the top of the back in order to make the design look good and feel good too.

Moreover, the legs are put together using four 2.5″ woodscrews in a particular orientation. It must be exactly as the diagram below shows or else it may ruin the structural integrity of the bench.

swiggle1 dot pattern2 Rogue Engineer Source: Rogue Engineer

The 6″ measurement on the shorter leg should get the legs pretty close to the correct alignment. Make sure that before you secure the bench that the legs are balanced with a straight edge in order to determine that when it sits on the ground it can be laid down evenly.

Finally, you can use the last 2.5″ woodscrews to attach the seat and the back. And you’re all set!

This wonderful bench is perfect for sightseeing and can even fit two people comfortably without issues. On top of that, it is pretty lightweight compared to most benches so it should be easily transportable. It’s amazing what people can do with an idea and two hands.

swiggle1 dot pattern2 Rogue Engineer Source: Rogue Engineer

Jameson is a great instructor for anyone wanting to attempt a new project with little to none woodworking experience. Make sure to check out his instructional video below!

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Source: RogueEngineer ,Youtube-Rogue Engineer

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