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Making Baby Blanket With Rabbit

Making Baby Blanket With Rabbit



Baby Blanket Making Baby Blanket with Rabbit

Hello everyone from, we continue to make knitting videos for you every day.We came with a very beautiful baby blanket.You can choose the color you want according to your child’s gender. We chose pink and white for this blanket.

Materials I need for a bunny blanket baby blanket

4 balls of pink yarn

1 ball of white yarn

some black rope

2no crochet

sharp scissors

color requested

sewing needle

The ingredients all depend on your preference

Making a rabbit baby blanket, our blanket first starts with rabbit ears.

Stage 1 We pull 10 chains

In the 2nd stage, we remove one half handrail in each pore, we will make a total of 9 tannins and half handrails, we make 12 chain leaf turns, we make half handrails in each pore and 9 half handrails for the second ear, three chains remain in the middle.

Stage 3 We draw 5 chains with white thread

4. We connect the ends and fill 28 double handrails.

5. Stage we remove two handrails from each handrail, 36 in total.

Stage 6: We fix the rabbit ears we prepared before with a half handrail with half a handrail, we put a pair of handrails into one pore, turn all around, finish our motif, and without the ears, we hold the second motif in the same way and fix the two motifs in the middle.

We rotate around the motif with our pink thread and chain it, 3 chain corners 6 chains to take a rectangular shape, we finish our motifs by making 5 rows of double handrails, finally we make pompom eyes, nose and collar bows.We need a total of 20 motifs.

Let’s watch the video to see more details in our video

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Come easy to do, goodbye.

Baby Blanket Making Baby Blankets With Bunny Hello everyone from, we continue to make knitting videos for you every day, we came with a very nice baby blanket at Tav.




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