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Garden Decor Ideas

Make garden decorations yourself

Make garden decorations yourself



A beautiful garden is simply part of the summer. Barbecues, garden parties, long summer evenings with friends, tending the vegetable garden – many people prefer to enjoy spring and summer in their own garden. Reason enough to decorate it really nicely! Doing garden decorations yourself is a great way to freshen up the garden. Various materials such as wood and metal as well as upcycling old objects come into play. Here we show you how to make garden decorations yourself with simple materials and great ideas.

Garden decorations made of metal: it’s so easy to design your garden decoration

1. Decoration for the garden: a retro watering can as a flower pot

Do you have an old metal watering can lying around in the garage and don’t know where to put it? Even if it is rusty or has a few holes – it is perfect as a flower pot! For this DIY garden decoration you need nothing more than a watering can and your favorite flowers. If the watering can is already very rusty, an inner pot for the flowers is worthwhile so that the can lasts longer.

2. Design the garden: use an old bathtub or wheelbarrow as a flower bed

Old wheelbarrows or bathtubs are perfect for a flower bed. Instead of disposing of the old bathtub after a bathroom renovation, use it as a flower bed in your garden. The nice thing about it: the bathtub is of course weatherproof and does not need any further treatment. And the drain below ensures that no excess water can collect in the potting soil.

If you don’t have an old bathtub for your flower bed, you can also use a wheelbarrow. A wheelbarrow with a few holes or a broken wheel is also ideal for this. If the wheelbarrow is still intact, it is worth drilling a few drainage holes in the floor. Then just plant the flowers and off to the garden!

3. Make garden decorations yourself: old bicycle as a flower stand

A bicycle as a garden decoration? Sounds strange, but it looks beautiful! Do you still have an old bike standing around that you can no longer use? A perfect opportunity to give the two-wheeler a new life in your garden. You can leave the bike in the original color or paint it completely with the color of your choice. And then come the flowers: all garden flowers that you like are suitable here. You can plant early bloomers in spring and then summer bloomers. Or rely on flowers that bloom all summer. If the bike already has baskets in the front and back, you can put the flower pots straight in. Alternatively, a basket or bucket can be attached to the bike with rope or wire. The piece of jewelery looks most beautiful when the baskets are full of flowers.

4. Garden ideas: garden tools on the wall

Garden tools are not only there for gardening – use them as wall decorations in your garden house! Old garden tools are particularly beautiful as garden decorations, as patina and rust give the objects a special vintage charm. Simply attach the individual tools to the wall with nails or hooks. In addition to garden tools, other old items such as wooden wheels, metal buckets and watering cans are also very decorative.

Garden decorations made of wood: design your garden with window frames and succulents

5. Window frame decoration for the garden

Old windows can be used as decorations in a variety of ways – of course also for garden decorations. It is enough to hang or set up the beautiful old window frame on the wall. If you want to decorate the window further, you can paint beautiful sayings or drawings with a permanent or glass pen. Here are a few sayings that fit the topic of “beautiful garden”:

“When my soul is on vacation, I go to my garden”

“If the flower has a kink, the bumblebee was probably too thick”

“Flowers are the smile of the earth”

“A beautiful garden wipes the dust of everyday life from your soul”

“Do not trust the place where no weeds grow”

6. Succulent arrangements: Plant an old chair with succulents

How about making succulent garden decorations yourself? In addition to flowers, succulents are also perfect decorations for a beautiful garden. Succulents love the sun and should enjoy the summer in the garden, on the terrace or on the balcony in a sunny spot. Since they only need a little water, you don’t have to worry about watering every day. Most succulents can even do without watering for several weeks – perfect for the holiday season.

You will need the following materials and tools for your succulent chair:

an old chair

Wire mesh

Plastic wrap

a hand tacker

Succulent soil

different succulents


Decorative stones & possibly other decorative material

First, the upholstery or seat is removed from the chair, leaving only the frame of the seat. A wire mesh must now be stapled under the seat, which will serve as the floor for the succulent arrangement. Then the inside of the chair is lined with a plastic film so that no soil or moisture gets to the wood. You can attach the film to the upper edge of the chair frame with a hand tacker. Since succulents cannot tolerate waterlogging, you should now pierce small holes in the foil as drainage so that the excess water can drain off. Then the succulents are planted: first fill a layer of gravel as drainage on the foil. A layer of succulent soil is then added. Finally, small decorative stones are scattered on the earth so that the earth is covered.

Tip: Succulents should be watered sparingly and only when the top layer of soil has completely dried out. When watering, be careful not to water directly on the plants. If water remains in the rosettes, the leaves can rot quickly. The same applies to too much water: if waterlogged, the plants rot very quickly. That is why a well-drained soil is important.

If you don’t have an old chair for your succulent arrangement, you can use regular plant pots. Here, too, holes in the floor are important. Plant the succulents in the pot and cover the soil with gravel or decorative stones. You can create beautiful little gardens from different colored and shaped succulents!

Make garden decorations yourself: upcycling ideas for the garden

Upcycling creates something new out of broken or useless objects. This is how you give old things a new life instead of throwing them in the garbage can. Here are two ideas that can beautify your garden as upcycling decoration.

7. Flowerbed made from old car tires

Make garden decorations yourself – from old car tires! The next time you need new car tires, keep the old ones for your new flower bed. If you don’t have a car, you can also contact tire dealers and car repair shops. Often private individuals also give away their old car tires.

For this DIY garden decoration, in addition to the tires, you only need weatherproof paint, soil and of course flowers or other garden plants. Of course, you can also leave the tire unpainted. However, if you want to make the flowerbed a little more colorful, just take the color (s) of your choice and paint or spray the tire, ideally outside or in a well-ventilated room.

After the paint has dried, it’s time to plant: place a tire on the ground or stack several on top of each other and fill them with potting soil. Alternatively, you can hang the tire on the wall with a hook, for example. In this case you fill the bottom inside of the tire with soil and then plant the flowers.

8. Old shoes or rubber boots as flower pots

Old rubber boots as flower pots are an extraordinary decoration idea for the garden! Broken or too small shoes that you no longer need are particularly suitable. You can use colorful children’s boots for a colorful decoration. It is important with the boot flower pots that you first cut a few small drainage holes in the sole so that the water can drain off. Then fill the boots with soil and plant flowers. You can simply set up the boot pots in the garden or hang them on the wall or fence. Making garden decorations yourself from old objects is so easy!

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