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Make flower studs out of wire and beads yourself

Make flower studs out of wire and beads yourself



Sure, I spend a lot of time in the garden at the moment, you too, right? With the fantastic summer weather that we had (until yesterday), that’s no wonder. You can make my DIY for today in the garden under the apple tree, you don’t have to mutate into a couch potato. Because today we are making colorful flower plugs that look just as good in your summer flower pots as they do inside with the houseplants.

They are made of wire and with a few pearls and shine really brightly in the sun … or give one of the cloudy days a little more color.

You need for the flower studs:

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First you think about the shape of your plug. There are no limits to the imagination, but to my manual bending skills 😉

If you want to bend a spiral, start with the smallest curve inside, a pair of pliers can help quite well. The remaining bends can easily be made by hand.

If you decide on a heart, the “kink” in the middle is also best done with pliers. In the case of the heart shape, the wire end is then twisted around the connector and thus fixed.

Now it’s the turn of the pearls:

This project is perfect for using up all of that collected pearl inventory that is left over from jewelry making or the like. The more colorful and varied, the better! But even if you don’t have any pearls in your drawers: a colorful mix doesn’t cost much and is quick to put together.

Cut a generous piece off the thin silver wire. Afterwards it does not necessarily have to be suitable in length, you can still patch or cut it off without any problems.

You now thread your pearls onto this thin wire. Depending on the size, thread 2-3 pearls together and twist them with the wire so that they stay in place. Now always leave a gap and only then fix the next pearl (or group of pearls). In the picture you can see that I have always threaded all the pearls with a little space between them. It is important to fix it (by twisting the wire) so that the pearls don’t keep sliding together afterwards.

Now you wrap your now colored wire around the curved shape. It becomes a little more plastic if you let individual pearls “stick out” from the shape by bending them. The end of the thin wire is now twisted and shortened so that nothing protrudes.

Already finished!

Small gifts keep friendship alive!

The little flower studs can also be made wonderfully in company: with your best friend under the apple tree over coffee and good conversation, threading it has something almost meditative.

It is best to do a few more of the things right away, because they are also great as a small gift and add value to any herb pot, give even a boring cactus a little bling-bling.

If you want to enjoy the plugs in the garden for many years, then invest in galvanized wire, then nothing rusts guaranteed. The aluminum wire does it for indoor use and also for 2-3 seasons in the garden.

In any case, a number of these cheerful, colorful souvenirs have been created here and my girlfriend’s almost inexhaustible supply of pearls has decimated a little.

Do you want to remember the idea on Pinterest? Then I’ve prepared a pin for you here:

And if you are looking for really big, sturdy decorative plugs for the flower bed, then take a look at these instructions here! They are just as quick and easy to make … the magic word is curtain rod end pieces … ..!

Sunny greetings from my garden,

Your Smilla

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Simply make flower studs for the garden or the house yourself! Quite simply with wire and beads. Colorful and beautiful! Step by step DIY instructions.



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