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Make a vegetable garden yourself

Make a vegetable garden yourself



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Make a vegetable garden yourself

Here are the explanations for making your vegetable bin yourself by following the example of the square (rectangle) vegetable garden that my father made. The vegetable bin created by my father is very high, so I see several advantages, such as being able to garden upright and also the significant height of soil inside, ideal for vegetables with deep roots. [+100 readers] You might also be interested in this article: standing gardening. His vegetable bin is placed against a wall facing south, which will protect crops from the wind and capture maximum heat and light while occupying an empty space in his garden.

How to make a rectangular vegetable garden

You can make the vegetable patch to the size you want. The principle stays the same :

Use boards for the tour

Fix the boards on cleats in each corner with screws

in each corner with screws Add a geotextile inside to avoid contact between earth and wood

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Material to make the vegetable garden

Planks fixed to the battens or beam

If you are meticulous and especially courageous you can bevel the boards to have the photo rendering at each angle of the garden box.

Beveled angles and hanging strawberries

Corner wood screws

If the length of your bin is important (more than 1 meter), reinforce the structure as in the photo to prevent the bin from deforming with the weight of the earth [+100 readers].

Reinforce the structure of the vegetable garden

Install the geo textile to avoid contact between the wood and the damp earth. The bottom of the tank is in direct contact with the earth, the worms must be allowed to pass through!

Then put boxes at the bottom and water copiously. Put down green waste and large logs to create a self-fertile square [+100 readers]. Continue reading the article to learn how to fill the bin. Ideal for placing the bin on your balcony in town.

Deposit of a wet cardboard at the bottom of the vegetable patch

Adding a log to the bottom of the bin

Photos of the completed vegetable garden

Now that your vegetable bin is finished, you will have to fill it. Here is all the information you need to easily fill your vegetable patch so that it is self-fertile.

vegetable garden container ready to use

start gardening in your vegetable patch

For example, you can start by planting salads in your new vegetable patch. Remember to mulch your crops and never leave the soil in the open. In addition it avoids having to weed [+100 readers], otherwise make your organic ecological weedkiller.

plant some lettuce in your DIY vegetable patch

Pine mulch around the salad

Our vegetable bin filled with potatoes!




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