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Make a gorgeous finger knit blanket with loop yarn {this is so easy!}

Make a gorgeous finger knit blanket with loop yarn {this is so easy!}



In today’s post: If you’ve been intimidated by finger knitting (or any knitting) in the past, this post is for you! Anyone can use loop yarn to make a gorgeous finger knit blanket without knowing how to knit.

So I’ve stumbled on a new craft product that I’m super excited about. At the craft store a few weeks ago I found this crazy looking yarn with all these loops on it. I was wondering what in the world it was so I picked up a package and oh my goodness it’s the softest thing I’ve ever felt.

And then I read the package and realized you can use this crazy looking yarn to make gorgeous finger knit blankets (and scarves, and hats, etc) without knowing how to knit! I was sold. I got working and a few days later my kids were fighting over this gorgeous chunky knit blanket:

Just so you guys know, this post is not sponsored – I just really enjoyed working with this stuff and wanted to tell you about it! I’ve been wanting to learn finger knitting for a couple of years, but it always seemed intimidating – one more thing to learn, you know? But loop yarn makes finger knitting absolutely foolproof. This is knitting for dummies, and it’s really fun!

Finger knitting with loop yarn (aka finger looping)

This is what the loop yarn looks like:

Right now there are at least four different brands making this type of loop yarn and you can find it at both Jo-Ann Fabrics and Michaels (and probably other stores that carry yarn). I’ve been using the Bernat Alize Blanket EZ yarn from Jo-Ann’s because there are fantastic patterns and instructions online for it at Like any nice yarn, it can be pricey to get enough for a large blanket, but it’s been on sale pretty regularly, and I was able to buy most of mine on sale with an additional 25% off coupon.

Jo-Ann’s carries another brand called Loopity Loop Yarn and Michael’s carries the Red Heart brand version. ETA: it looks like Jo-Ann online is now carrying a version made by Lion Brand which is lower in cost than the other options, but I haven’t tried it so I can’t compare quality.

Anyway, one of the reasons it’s so easy to learn how finger knit with loop yarn is that you don’t need knitting needles or crochet hooks, just your fingers. Basically, you pull one loop through another to “knit” the yarn into a blanket.

You can find lots of video tutorials for how to finger knit with loop yarn on the Yarnspirations Youtube Channel. Watch the “Stocking Stitch” video for a great explanation of the basic stitch, which is what I used on the blanket I made:

Finger knitting with loop yarn tips

The first project I made with this yarn was a baby blanket. It takes three balls of yarn, and probably took about 4 hours to make (I made it over a weekend while watching TV).

My next project was this plaid blanket. You can find the pattern for the blanket here. It uses the same easy finger looping technique (stocking stitch), but you make squares of different colors and connect them together as you go. This makes it a bit more complicated, so I’ve made a walk-through video to help you figure out the different steps if you’d like to make one too. The video is about 10 minutes long.

Note: When weaving in the tails, I did find it faster to use a crochet hook. It’s not necessary, but does make that step go a little faster.

I didn’t keep track of the time I spent on this blanket but I’m going to guess somewhere around 15 hours. All of that time was while watching TV, listening to an audio book, or chatting with my family. It’s so relaxing to sit with this super soft yarn and finger knit it together!

My kids are obsessed with the finished blanket. It’s very soft and very warm, and it’s gotten a ton of use at our house already. Luckily, the yarn is machine washable and dryable so I don’t have to stress about it getting dirty.

Besides the basic stitch, there are other stitches, like a criss cross stitch, that you can learn to vary the look of the finished blankets. I can’t wait to try them out!

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If you’ve been intimidated by finger knitting in the past, this post is for you! Learn how to finger knit in minutes with new loop yarn – it makes it so easy ANYONE can create beautiful blankets, scarves, hats, and more.




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