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My favorite hand-made Christmas gifts are the the ones that can be used all year long, like this simple Tortilla Cozy. We eat tacos and fajitas at our house at least once a weeks, so this is a necessity for keeping tortillas warm after coming out of the microwave.

The tortilla cozy is fast and easy to make and you just need a few simple supplies.

Note: This cozy is not designed to be put in the microwave. Rather you heat the tortillas in the microwave and then put them into your cozy to keep them warm and pliable.


1/3 yard of two coordinating cotton quilting fabric

1/3 yard of Solarize interlining from Fairfield (This insulates the tortillas.)

1/3 yard of Shield interlining from Fairfield (This helps retain moisture.)

Sewing machine, iron, thread, pins, scissors, etc.

Find a plate that is at least 1-inch larger than the tortillas you plan to use. I used a large dinner plate as my template. I found it simplest to cut several layers at once, so I stacked my materials up with them layered fabric-Shield-Solarize-Second Fabric.

I cut them out using a rotary cutter and mat, tracing around the plate.

You’ll want to cut out two sets.

We’ll be working on the two sets of circles separately and then sewing them together to make our cozy in the last step.

Pin your circles together in the following order…Your two fabrics with RIGHT SIDES TOGETHER, then your Shield, then your Solarize.

Stitch with 1/4 inch seam allowance, leaving an opening for turning your circle right side out.

Remove pins and notch your seam allowance. Lots of notches will allow for a smooth circle in the next step.

Turn right side out.


Fold the fabric under and press at the opening.

Pin your opening closed.

Topstitch about 1/8 inch away from the edge of your circle. Besides helping it look nice, this will also stitch your opening closed.

Stitch a few lines through the center of your circle to give it a more quilted effect.

Repeat for your second circle.

Pin your two circles together, around just half of your circle.

Stitch your two circles together, sewing over the top of the topstitching lines from earlier. Be sure to backstitch at the beginning and ends.

And after removing your pins, you’re all ready to keep your tortillas warm and cozy.

Happy Sewing…and Taco Eating!

~ Polly from Pieces by Polly.

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