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Waist-High Raised Cedar Garden Bed

This is a quick post on my waist-high raised bed garden project.

There was twenty feet of unused space on the South side of my house. This area gets full sun and was a perfect location for another raised bed garden.

Now a quick salad is only arms length from the back door.


Building the first wall:

Installing the wall in quick setting cement:

Installing Cedar 4×4 posts with a masonry line:

Installing Cedar 4×4 posts with a 2×4 brace:

Adding 3⁄ 4 ” x 6” side walls:

Framing with 2×4 Cedar:

2×4 Cedar framing close-up:

Adding 3⁄ 4 ” x 6” Cedar Wood Slats:

Cedar Wood Slats Close-Up:

Adding Landscape Fabric:

Adding Mel’s Mix Compost Soil with rock dust:

Adding Cypress Mulch Pathway and trimming the Fabric:

Drip irrigation:



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