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Interior: The green oasis in the city

Interior: The green oasis in the city



I’ll tell you how it’s done: Without my little green oasis called Garten, I wouldn’t live in Munich anymore. I need this little place of peace that gives me the opportunity to sit outside on hot days, to work and, above all, to catch the sun’s rays away from the crowds. The best: My little backyard garden is in the middle of downtown Munich. Even if it really doesn’t look like a big city. In summer it is like a second living room.

When I moved into the apartment, the back yard was quite a mess. Or rather: a garbage dump. For years no one had taken care of the garden adjacent to the apartment. Little by little, thanks to the help of my landlord, the cold backyard turned into a wonderful garden paradise. While the landlord took care of the rubble, I was allowed to let off steam with the plants.

The problem: I had no idea about plants. At least when moving in. After almost ten years, I know what works, what I like and what doesn’t just bloom for two weeks. You can read more about the creation of the garden here.

Which plants fit in a garden?

I like it Mediterranean with a few splashes of color. This is how my color and planting concept can be described in my garden. My favorite plants for my garden are olive trees, rosemary trunks and citrus fruits. This is accompanied by lavender and an oleander. The advantage of lavender is that it not only keeps mosquitoes away, but also pests like aphids or those wonderful creatures called spiders. You are welcome to stretch their nests, but please do not bother me too much.

In addition, a fan palm adorns my garden as well as three tall trees. I did not consciously plant the tree trio, but rather chose the garden as my home in recent years. Real luck for me, because since then not only Polly has had a large selection of scratching posts, birds have also been breeding here and squirrels like to take a shortcut across the garden.

My hydrangeas and wildflower sowing provide splashes of color. Because especially here in town I want to make sure that the bees, bumblebees and wasps find enough food.

In addition to the classic plants, I also try to plant herbs. Rosemary, mint, basil, parsley and chives are eagerly grown here, and I am currently also trying to raise a tomato. In the long term, I dream of a raised bed next year.

This is how it gets cozy in the garden

If you search around on Tumblr and Pinterest, you will find a lot of inspiration. My essence from 10 years of backyard gardening: Without a lot of greenery, every backyard garden is rather dull. Only the plants, trees and flowers turn the backyard into a green oasis. It looks much softer, more summery. Those who are not lucky enough to plant themselves trees like me should rely on winter-proof plants. Boxwood and fern are very suitable. The advantage: Even when you look out of the window in winter, the back yard does not look so sparse. And: You don’t have to suddenly turn your own four walls into a green oasis full of trees.

Lights in particular make summer evenings in the garden particularly beautiful. I love it when it gets dark in the garden and small light sources light up. In addition to solar-powered lanterns and fairy lights, I like to use pillar candles on the table on summer evenings with friends. They create a great atmosphere and flicker so beautifully in the evening light.

The right garden furniture

For years I had a wonderful garden lounger from Ikea, it was a birthday present from my mom. But let’s put it this way: The weather has left its mark, so that one day I was lying on the floor – the couch was broken. So it was clear: I need new furniture – preferably a garden concept. Relaxed, but modern, minimalist, but not too clean. I found what I was looking for at Mömax, which includes the bank and the small bistro tables. I bought the two wicker armchairs on sale at XXLutz, but you can always find them somewhere. The table and chairs are from Fermob via Flinders. The pillows are from H&M Home.

Actually nothing is missing and then so much again. Every now and then I play with the idea of ​​stretching a sun sail. The Havsten range from Ikea also captured my heart, but at the moment a new seat is really unnecessary. A nice plaid will soon be able to move in – and maybe a new washable rug for outside. Unfortunately, the old one did not survive the winter.

And then I’m still haunted by the thought of my own bee colony. I would have enough space – the whole garden is 30 square meters, but I have to deal with it first. Until then, I appreciate the garden as a work place, oasis of calm, a sports and yoga studio and a great gift.

You can find even more beautiful garden accessories here:

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How does a bare backyard become a small green oasis? Antonia shows how it works. On amazed you can get a helping of garden inspiration!




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