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Instructions: Planting tomatoes made easy

Instructions: Planting tomatoes made easy



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Chic and practical

Instructions: Planting tomatoes made easy

For balcony owners, a herb garden or a vegetable garden is often very difficult due to lack of space. Here is a great idea on how to plant tomatoes and grow herbs on your balcony to save space – in a pot upside down. These are our do-it-yourself tips.

Planting tomatoes: tips on care and cultivation

Even the smallest area is used for cultivation with creative ideas. For example, with our do-it-yourself tip, tomatoes can simply grow hanging down through a hole in the bottom of the pot, thus saving space. In the upper part of the pot, tasty basil passes on its aroma to the tomato through the connection of the roots. This not only makes the tomato plants particularly large, they also take on the taste of the selected herbs.


This DIY idea is attractive and practical at the same time © toom Baumarkt

Planting tomatoes in pots: material list for “Upside down tomato”

Screen printing plate (base plate), 21 mm, 800×400 mm, 1 pc.

Plant pots Provence, Ø = 270 mm, 2 pcs.

Heavy duty consoles, 3 pcs.

Countersunk head screws, 4×20 mm, 12 pcs.

Key screws, 8×80 mm, 9 pcs.

Washers, M 8, 9 pcs.

Wall anchors, S12, 9 pieces

Tomato seedlings, 2 pcs.

Tomato soil, 40l

Herb seedlings

11 coffee filters, 1 pc.


Folding rule, pencil, waterproof compass, spirit level, cutter, cordless screwdriver, 10 mm wood drill, jigsaw, impact drill, 12 mm stone drill, sandpaper, hammer, 13 mm socket wrench with ratchet, painter’s tape

Instructions for the tomatoes in the pot

Measure the diameter (x) of the planters (2) below the brim. Draw two circles on the base plate (1) with the corresponding diameter (x) as shown. So that you can see the lines on the smooth side of the screen printing plate better, glue on painter’s tape beforehand. Then drill a 10 mm hole within these circles so that you can plunge into this with the jigsaw. Then saw out both contours. Then round off all edges of the base plate (1) with coarse sandpaper.


Now attach the three heavy-duty consoles (3) to the base plate (1). Use 4 x 20 mm screws for this. Make sure that the heavy-duty consoles (3) at the rear edge are flush with the base plate (1).

Now determine the final position on the corresponding wall. Hold the base plate (1) with the screwed-on heavy-duty brackets (3) against the wall, align it with a spirit level and transfer the drill hole positions of the heavy-duty brackets (3) to the wall. Then drill the holes in the wall with a 12 mm masonry bit. Drive in the dowels (7). Screw the frame to the wall using the washers (6) and the 8 x 80 mm key screws (5).

So that you can use the tomato plant (8) well, cut a hole with a diameter of 60 mm in the bottom of the plant pots (2). Then open the lower edge of the coffee filter (11) and insert the tomato plant (8) upside down. Put the whole thing with the plant down in the plant pot (2). Fill the plant pots (2) approx. 3/4 full with tomato soil (9) and then plant the herbs (10) from above. Finally, insert the plant pots (2) into the recesses in the base plate (1) and water the plants in them sufficiently.


You can find potting soil, plants and fertilizers here. Continue reading…

Other herbs can easily be planted in the upper plant pot © toom Baumarkt

… this idea also looks beautiful in every garden © toom hardware store

Source: toom hardware store / Text: Christina Jung

Enjoyment in the smallest of spaces: this DIY idea for planting tomatoes is particularly suitable for the balcony. When and how to plant tomatoes in pots Learn more.




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