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Indoor, outdoor, terrace and garden decoration

Indoor, outdoor, terrace and garden decoration



Decoration can transform the interior and exterior of your home. Discover all the decoration ideas and tricks.

Learn how to decorate houses, living rooms, bathrooms, kitchens, bedrooms, corridors, terraces, gardens, etc. We teach you to decorate with paint, with mirrors, with photos, with furniture, plants, or with DIY ideas. 95 photos that will make you see the decoration from another perspective.

Now you can carry out the reform and decoration of your home or business yourself or request information on how you can do it, whether you are in any country in the world.

Even if you are carrying out a reform and you have problems with the contractor, we can help you, from our offices we help hundreds of people, ranging from Mexico, Chile, Spain, Colombia …


Let’s start with the decoration in the bathrooms.

You don’t have to have a huge bathroom to get a great result.

From wood, stone tiles to marble, it only takes a little imagination, the right light, the necessary elements well chosen, they will be the touch that your bathroom needs to look comfortable and elegant.

A multitude of varied decorations, to achieve a dream bathroom. From bathrooms with light tones to bathrooms with dark tones, a plant, direct and indirect light, mirrors, chrome taps … A set of elements that give life to your bathroom.


Furniture and living room styles for all tastes. In addition to a lot of ideas to decorate rooms with charm: from classic rooms to modern, rustic and contemporary rooms. Photos and tricks to decorate it and turn it into a magazine room, with practical and inspiring solutions.

When there are children, the living room becomes the center of family life.

Being the most spacious room in the house, you can control how your little ones play or draw while you work or browse your social networks. Decorating it so that both you and them are comfortable is basic.

The secret is to dedicate ourselves to patiently analyzing and assessing the big decisions that, in the medium term, will save us time and money by getting rooms with a touch of luxury

Plan the types of experiences that we like to share (music, television, reading, meals, meetings …) or carry out the project of rooms with offices, dining room designs, etc.

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The kitchen is one of our favorite parts of a home (not to mention cooking recipes).

Get inspired by our kitchen decoration items and thus be able to make the most of the kitchen: gain space, decorate modern kitchens, small kitchens, rustic kitchens.

Large or medium kitchens, with tile or with paint. Give it your personal touch and create a charming, comfortable and modern kitchen.

Look at the best kitchen furniture: kitchen tables, chairs, etc. Come in and see magazine kitchens with storage solutions and learn to always keep them clean.

Ideas for decorating kitchens are always welcome when they help us to achieve functional and practical kitchen models, as well as beautiful and elegant.

The kitchen is the room of the house in which, as we all know, we must install large, small appliances and multiple kitchen furniture, where to store and place the kitchenware, utensils and food in the most efficient way possible

Housing entrances

A house entrance, an exterior hall, spacious and well decorated, leave to the imagination what you can find inside.

Plants are always a successful complement for both indoors and outdoors. Also led lights, as ornaments, provide a magical and elegant touch.


Discover the best photos of bedrooms with the most inspiring decoration ideas, solutions to have everything in order.

Within interior decoration, we always tend to pay more attention to the decoration of the living room than to the bedroom. Badly done!

While a bedroom should be a place of rest, relaxation and sleep, it is also a room where we spend a large part of our time, so it makes perfect sense to try a little, to make it look good, and above all, make you feel best.

Keep the bedroom as simple as possible.

A bedroom should have a relaxed and welcoming look, no matter what decorating style you choose.

Furnish your room with only what you need. A bed, a nightstand or two, a dresser and if you have enough space, a chair and a desk, a painting or portrait. Anything else is disorder.

Room dividers

The ideas for separating environments with dividing elements are numerous and a contemporary option for large and small rooms.

If you are thinking about how to separate environments in a space to give it a more efficient use, or if you need to add an accent touch to a room, hide areas or achieve privacy, whether it is temporary or permanent, functional or decorative, room dividers are the solution you are looking for.

Indoor stairs

The stairs are responsible for communicating different spaces creating a vertical circulation. They come in different types of stairs and the most common are the straight ones in several sections, the spiral ones, the floating ones and the mechanical ones.

Decorative elements

Some successful decorative accessories for any home.

A pond with fish in the stairwell, a mural with plants, a led light table or a table set with resin stools and led light, are alternatives that give a magical and elegant touch to your home.

Other rooms in the house

In many homes, there are rooms such as corridors, relaxation areas, reading areas, etc., which should be pampered like the rest of the important rooms such as the living room or the kitchen.

Wide corridors, relaxation area with armchairs, halls with plasterboard shelves, dining areas … all these rooms will have their decoration according to the rest of the home. Remember not to overload the areas, a simple and simple decoration is better than a massive decoration, than a feeling of disorder.

Patio furniture and decoration

The garden, terrace or patio, are other parts of our home that we should not neglect.

A hammock, a hanging bed to be with the family, personalized designs of gardens, plants, flowerpots, paths, tables, wicker sofas, etc., are part of the decoration that reinforces the outdoor area of ​​our homes.

Relaxation areas for the enjoyment of all members of the family, or friends.

With small ideas, you can achieve great results. Play with outdoor lights to create a nice atmosphere after nightfall.

Decoration styles

When we think about the decoration of our home, we ignore that the important thing would be to correctly choose the right style for each personality. There are several styles such as minimalist, classic, Nordic … that will give you the serenity you are looking for in your home.

Choose a style well and decorate according to the chosen one. An Industrial style is and will continue to be a trend in the coming years, with its high ceilings, exposed pipes, uncoated exposed brick, wooden beams, huge windows … a set that makes this type of style a true wonder if You still mix that style with a rustic, bohemian chic, vintage … The mix of textures, colors and materials with different finishes, will make your dreams come true when it comes to seeing your home like you’ve never seen it before.

And what about the luxurious type decoration? here we leave you a few ideas.

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Indoor, outdoor, terrace and jandin decoration. Here you will find a way to decorate your home in a spectacular and luxurious way.




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