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In the Christmas bakery

In the Christmas bakery



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Oven mitts

Gingerbread, Spekulatius and Co. as far as the eye can see in the supermarket and the corresponding songs …

Heaven … It’s fast moving forward, the year 2019. At the latest when the order of the Christmas gift box is announced, it’s clear … Christmas is approaching! And with that, delicious Christmas cookies, Christmas stollen and Christmas goose are within reach. Okay, okay, I’m going to stop, it’s only October and there’s still time …

But those oven mitts couldn’t wait. They had to be finished on the weekend, then they were a birthday present for a dear friend who likes to bake, cook and generally like to work in the kitchen. When I was invited to her party, I knew straight away that I would give her potholders or oven gloves.

Sewn from jeans and the inside again from the cotton fabric with dearest motifs from the Christmas bakery, which I sewed with my first oven gloves last year. By the way, they were very popular at the Advent market last year. ♥

As thermal protection, I quilted two layers of Thermolan on each of the two backs of the inner fabric. I think that should be enough so that you don’t burn your fingers on the hot baking sheet or cake pan. I cut off the back pockets of the jeans (let’s see what else I use them for …). A rivet was attached to each corner, which I removed with the side cutters. Since this left small holes in the denim (through which the rivet was previously attached), I punched out small stars from leftover pieces of a denim label and denim itself (thanks to the punching machine, this was quick and accurate) and sewn them on using a straight stitch or zigzag stitch.



Puhhh, detaching and re-sewing the original waistband to hide the lining underneath was quite a mess. I didn’t succeed in sewing it completely without creases, but now I call that artistic freedom. 😛 And refer to the article Accept Our Best.

I sewed these handguards again based on our own template from our oven gloves from the kitchen. In the meantime I have found various Freebooks including instructions → linked below!

* *

As a little extra there was my recipe for vanilla crescents with the oven gloves. ♥ Happy Birthday, dear Kerstin.


Literally colorful “W” like Christmas bakery


NUNL sew and let sew

Sewing time on the weekend

Eco? Logical!

[similar to]

Topf- oder Ofenhandschuhe selber nähen. Mit kostenlosem Schnittmuster Download.

Oven gloves gingerbread, speculoos and Co. as far as the eye can see in the supermarket and the corresponding songs …




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