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How to Sew Leather – Tips and Tricks

How to Sew Leather – Tips and Tricks



How to sew leather with a home sewing machine

Hey y’all – welcome to a post I thought I had already written, ha! I have a leather project planned for next week, and I was working on it and planning to link to the post I KNEW I had written about how to sew leather. I googled “Melly Sews Leather Tips” and nothing came up. Hmm. And then I searched my own site and couldn’t find it. So then I went back through my archives and guess what? I had included some tips within other leather projects, but I’d never written a leather tips post. So here it is. AND I made a video for those of you who prefer to see and hear me talk about tips instead of reading them. You can watch the video on YouTube here if you prefer or it won’t load below.

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Rolling presser foot

Leather needles

Heavy Duty Thread

Sewing clips

Point turner

Cutting mat

Rotary cutter

Tips for Sewing Leather:

Use a rotary cutter, mat and ruler

Don’t pin. Pin marks will be permanent. Use clips to hold pieces together if necessary.

Mark pattern pieces with pen or marker on the wrong side of the hide, or use chalk on the right side of the hide.

Use leather needles and heavy duty thread

Increase your presser foot pressure

Lengthen your stitch length

Switch to leather needles and heavy duty thread as shown above. You should also lengthen your stitch length to the longest one your machine will do. On my machine there is a separate basting stitch that is longer than I can lengthen my straight stitch, so I use the basting stitch setting.

Sewing clips as shown above, also known as Wonder Clips, are great for working with leather since you can’t pin leather without leaving permanent holes.

How to sew leather – tips and tricks for sewing leather successfully on a home sewing machine




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