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How to Make Round Fabric Baskets

How to Make Round Fabric Baskets



These cute little round trinket baskets are easy to make and are perfect for stashing all of your treasures. Using our free sewing pattern and tutorial you can learn how to make these round fabric baskets.

Recently I found myself with kids home for Easter that I was not expecting to be home for Easter. I had not prepared anything for them as gifts. To be honest, they are old enough that I don’t need to give them gifts, but since so many things about Easter were different this year, I wanted to make an effort.

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How to Get the Pattern


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My girls LOVE Liberty of London Fabrics. They seem to have inherited that from me. I indoctrinated them at a young age LOL!

They are both living in their own apartments, and I thought it would be fun to make them some cute round baskets to keep on their desk or nightstand to hold their “treasures”.

About the Round Fabric Baskets

These little round fabric baskets are about 6″ wide x 2 ½″ tall. They are just the right side to hold cords, chargers, jewelry, chapstick, or even sewing supplies.

If you’d like to make the baskets yourself, I’ve taken the time to write a tutorial for them. For Easter, I filled them with some cute earrings, chocolate, and nail polish.

How to Get the Pattern Option 1: Get the Pattern in our Shop We are very excited to let you know that you can now purchase a copy of this pattern in our shop. This pattern comes with instructions to make the baskets in 3 sizes and includes directions to add handles to the sides of the basket. Use the button below to purchase or view the pattern in our shop! Option 2: Download the small basket template piece and follow the directions on our website.

How to Get the Printable Template Piece

How to Get the Printable Pattern Pieces. You can download a copy of the pattern pieces used in this project in our Template Library. Access to the library is for our Newsletter subscribers and subscriptions are free. Please CLICK HERE and follow the instructions to download the pattern pieces. PLEASE READ the instructions on that page. NOTE: The download only contains the pattern piece, you still need to read this tutorial to complete your project.


Pin It 4.41 from 5 votes Round Fabric Basket Sewing Pattern Create these cute round trinket baskets from fabric with our free sewing pattern and tutorial. Prep Time 1 hr Total Time 2 hrs Yield: 1 basket Author: Melissa Mortenson Tools Sewing Machine

Basic Sewing Tools

Binding Clips

Small Sharp Scissors Materials Printable Round Basket Pattern Piece download the pattern piece using the instructions in the gray “how to get the printable pattern pieces” box above. Fabric Requirements – I used Liberty of London Fabrics for my Baskets 1 piece fabric for outside 3″ x 19 ½”

1 piece fabric for outside bottom 7″ x 7″ or larger (this will be cut into a circle, it does not need to be a precise cut)

1 piece fabric for lining 3″ x 20 ½” (note: this piece is intentionally cut longer)

1 piece fabric for lining bottom 7″ x 7″ or larger (this will be cut into a circle, it does not need to be a precise cut)

1piece Fabric for binding 3″ x 20″ Interfacing Requirements 1 piece 1 Sided Fusible ¼” foam 3″ x 19 ½” – I like Pellon Flex Foam Brand

1 piece 1 Sided Fusible ¼” foam 7″ x 7″ or larger (this will be cut into a circle, it does not need to be a precise cut)

If you can not find Pellon Flex-Foam You can also use ¼” foam, sometimes called “auto liner foam”. You can also use Soft and Stable or any ¼ foam. It can be any color as long as it does not show through your fabric. If you buy auto liner foam you will need to also buy paper-backed fusible webbing so you can fuse the fabric to the foam. As the auto liner foam is not fusible. Instructions All seam allowances are ¼” unless otherwise noted. Cut out Circles from Fabric & Interfacing Using the circle template from the download, cut 1 circle from basket outside & lining fabric and 1 circle from flex-foam

Apply the flex-foam interfacing to the 3″ x 20 ½” fabric LINING piece and the LINING fabric circle. When you apply the interfacing to the lining piece leave the extra 1″ of fabric hanging off of the edge of the lining. Construct the Basket Lining Fold the extra fabric lining over the edge of the flex foam. Overlap the ends of the fabric/interfacing piece by ½”.

Secure in place with a binding clip or pins.

Using a wide zig zag stitch on your sewing machine zig zag over the seam so that it catches both ends of the flex foam lining and the folded edge remains folded over.

Pin the sewn lining piece to the round interfaced lining piece. You will need to go slowly and use a lot of pins. It should be a very close fit. If not, you may need to adjust the width of your side seam (the zig zagged seam) of the basket lining.

Sew around the circle. Remove the pins as you go and be sure to go slowly.

Using sharp scissors, trim the excess interfacing from the seam. Cut it as close as you can to the seam without clipping the seam. Construct Basket Outside Piece Sew the short ends of the 3″ x 19 ½” basket outside piece, right sides facing. Press seam open.

Repeat the steps above to sew the basket outside piece to the round basket bottom piece. Sew the circle seam with a ⅜” seam allowance. Note: there is no interfacing applied to the basket outside pieces. Assemble Basket Turn the basket outside piece right side out. Slip the basket lining into the basket piece, wrong sides facing. Make sure the pieces fit together well. Secure in place with binding clips.

Using a basting stitch, stitch around the top edge of the basket. Bind the Edge Take the 3″ x 20″ binding piece and “fit” it to the top edge of the basket. You want it to fit the basket edge exactly after you have sewn the ends together.

Fold the binding in half lengthwise with wrong sides facing and press.

Pin or clip the binding to the right side of the top edge of the basket so that the raw edge of the binding and the raw edge of the basket are flush.

Sew the binding to the basket along the top edge.

Fold the binding to the inside of the basket and secure with clips. Hand stitch the binding in place to finish the basket. Copyright Notice This is Copyrighted Content. You may NOT Copy it, Distribute it, Sell it or Package it with a Kit. You may NOT teach a class using it. If you do, it is not only dishonest, but also a violation of the terms of use of this website. We will pursue damages from violators. All items are for personal use only. No commercial use is allowed.

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Learn how to make small round fabric baskets with our free sewing pattern. Cute DIY trinket baskets with Liberty of London Fabric.




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