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How to Make a PILLOWCASE

How to Make a PILLOWCASE



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You may have noticed that most of the pillowcases in homeware shops come with a pretty border along the edge. Now you can learn how to make a pillowcase with a tailored border and durable French seam. Best of all it won’t take much more than 15 minutes of your precious time. You can make one for the whole family while your little one’s nap!

How to Make a Pillowcase

Ready to learn how to make a pillowcase? Let’s get started! If you would like to make some different styles of pillowcases here are some other styles on my blog. See more styles and links at the end of this article.

Envelope Pillow

French Seam Pillowcases

How To Make a Pillowcase

Pillowcases come in 3 common sizes – Standard, Queen, and King.

There are some slight differences in sizing between countries but this how to make a pillowcase tutorial should fit most pillow inserts. Some of you, like me, might call them pillowslips or even pillow covers.

How to Make a Pillowcase

Here are the dimensions of the 3 sizes of pillow inserts.

Pillow Insert Sizes

The finished sizes of the pillowcase, of course, is larger than the actual inserts. This pattern gives you a nice loose cover. You can adjust it if you like a tight cover.

Finished Pillowcase Sizes


FABRIC – You will need 1 yard of fabric which is at least 44 inches (112cm) wide.

Pure cotton woven fabric is best as it will breathe and give you a great night’s sleep. Choose bright contrasting fabrics for the border and trim for a modern stylish look that matches your bedroom decor.

The fabric chosen should be light to medium weight. I like using quilting cotton.

Basic Sewing Supplies – Sewing machine, thread, scissors and pins

Cutting Instructions

Start by cutting out your fabric in the following sizes. You will need to cut the main fabric, border and trim.

How to Make a Pillowcase Cutting Instructions

Here is a photo just so you can visualize what you are cutting.

Pieces for your Pillow

How to Make a Pillowcase – Video

Here is a video I made for you to see the whole process of how to make a pillowcase. It really is quite easy!

I add new sewing and craft videos to my YouTube channel weekly so don’t forget to subscribe.

Apology – at 0.36 in the video I incorrectly labeled the main and border and the text shows the reverse. This is a fairly obvious mistake but once you load a video it can’t be changed. If you have any doubts refer to the photo directly above this section.

How to Make a Pillowcase VIDEO

How to Make a Pillowcase – Instructions

Step 1: Prepare the Trim

Press your trim in half lengthwise with the WRONG sides together matching the long raw edges.

Press Border in Half

Step 2 – Layer the Main and Border

Layer your main and border pieces with RIGHT sides together with the trim sandwiched in between.

You will be matching the 43 inches (109cm) side of each piece.

Make sure the border is on the bottom layer as this will make the next step easier. Pin along the top raw edge so the pieces don’t move.

Layer the Border and Trim

Step 3 – Roll up the Main

Now roll up the main piece of fabric almost to the top of the border.

Roll it Up

This is the view from the side.

Side View of Rolling

Step 4 – Pin the Border

Wrap the border around the main fabric and match all the raw edges. This is called the burrito method of making a pillowcase.

It is easy to see from the side view why it has this name. Remove your original pins and repin through all layers.


Step 5 – Stitch Across the Border

Stitch across the top raw edge with a 1/2 inch (12mm) seam allowance.

Pull the main fabric through the end of the roll to turn your pillowcase the right way out.

Turn the Right Way Out

Give your border a good press. Most cotton fabrics will press nicely at the seam but you can topstitch across if you wish.

If you are going to embroider the border, now is the easiest time to do it.

Step 6 – How to Make a Pillowcase with a French Seam

Fold your pillowcase in half with the WRONG sides together and the raw edges matching. Stitch along the side and bottom, 1/4 inch (6mm) from the edge.

Trim the seam to 1/8 inch (3mm) and clip the bottom corner.

Turn the pillowcase the WRONG way out and press the seam.

Now stitch around the seam again 1/4 inch (6mm) from the edge. This will completely encase the seam and prevent it from fraying in the wash.

This is how your inside seam will now look. See how the raw edges are all enclosed giving you a durable seam.

Turn the pillowcase the right way out again and give it a good press.

How to Make a Pillowcase

How to Make a Pillowcase – In Conclusion

All finished and looking good! I hope you enjoyed this how to make a pillowcase series. Make one in a fun fabric to match your family’s personalities.


How to Make a Pillowcase

More How to Make a Pillowcase & Cushion Tutorials

Now you have beautiful pillows for the bed, why not learn how to make curtains?

This tutorial shows you how to make a basic pillowcase with French seams but I have more pillow and cushion patterns. Here are 10 more pillow patterns!

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Learn how to make a pillowcase with a border & French seam. Best of all it won’t take much more than 15 minutes of your time. Step by Step – 3 sizes.




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